Experience has shown that toxic unfair human behaviour of folks in charge of groups and communities in the autism scene continues to need watching and exposing, for the purpose of resisting, in real life social groups as well as in the online aspie scene.

The blog format with comments is a means to take part directly in this. – If you have experienced any social injustice from any group, website, or forum, where either the site or just your experience there was concerned with any autistic spectrum condition, including ADHD, and you are able to write a factual description of it, you can contribute it to be an item here. Post it as a comment at a convenient spot from where it can be turned into a separate item. Either under a recent story, or under this page on not being gagged.

Sites and groups who are criticised shall be entitled to have their own challenges to what is written, put on site as well, provided they are not defences of having any powers of personal rejection, and are motivated to arrive at outcomes where nobody is thrown out of their forum or group. Of course logically this means admitting that personal fairness is a perpetual automatic right.Tolerance can never be defended by expedient intolerance against personal fairness: see discussion of. Original contributors will be entitled to reply further to such replies, etc.

Like any participative site, there has to be a disclaimer. Contributions are on the basis that contributors are responsible for their content’s correctness. Any contribution is personal and does not make its content into AGFW’s view. AGFW also dissociates from pop-up ads for pharmaceutical cures for autism, if any should appear: don’t go chasing after them just believing anything they say pushing strong pharmaceuticals at independent people of medium intelligence.

This site is set up Nov 2015 as a continuation of the project previously called Spectrum Fairness (whose host was closing down at this date). SF began in 2004, as a domain site, blog sites were just starting then: seeking to create some democratic check on how the whole autistic spectrum scene online treats its participants. Especially, how forums and mail list groups treat their members. To see over time whether its existence made a difference, and it did. There is a will in the nicer parts of the community, for avoiding and discouraging and preventing a dominance of sites that backstab and purge members easily. The entire safe and ethical autism scene in the world is defined by uncorrupted compliance with this standard.

“It is hazardous to be right in matters on which the established authorities are wrong” – Voltaire. Distressing scarring experiences of personal injustice, being turned on by groups, backstabbings, vendettas, bannings, can happen too easily, they can blow up out of nowhere without warning in the most unexpected places. The victim is left emotionally hurt without even sufficient means to avenge the experience effectively or to put right an unjust balance of power in the group. The big national scale autistic organisations have tended to make cynical business choices not to expose these goings-on nor to warn the public away from abusive groups. This is particularly wrong in a scene which is supposed to be supportive of folk who lack easy instincts at communication and social relations.

Safety from bullying for autistic spectrumites for whom smooth faultless social relations don’t come naturally. Anyone who opposes or lessens that is on dangerous ground ethically.

  • contents listing of items here: stories shared on unfairness in autistic and ADHD groups, reports of troubles in other groups or services affecting autistic folks, and other fairness issues with a bearing upon our lives.