Chatautism and a former Aspies For Freedom group in Townsville, Australia

Yep, it’s Aspies For Freedom again, and the #chatautism chat channel that is the same couple’s creation.

Kathryn O’Neill, known as KitKatSavvy, founded a local group for AFF in Townsville, Australia, with the best intentions for helping the ASD community’s development. It has only been running a couple of months and AFF purged a local group founder for asking a question.

An entry from Kathryn’s blog has been shared with SF.

Why I got banned from AFF and why I left #chatautism

*shrug shrug*.

The reason why I got banned and why I left #chatautism is because EVERY view or every question that I asked regarding any possible blending in with aspies and NT’s got TOTALLY rejected every single time! One quote that I got off Amy and that I used to start up a forum was (please dont kill me if it isn’t exact) is ‘being gifted – just make an autistic diagnosis as both’. So, I started a new thread using this quote and asked do autistic people have to be gifted and vice versa. I am seriously curious about this question, but as per usual, my quest to answer this question got rejected and bullied RIGHT away!

Also, I have claimed that I am NOT autistic because last week I talked to my mum, dad and my twin sister about why I had to go to all of those early therapy places when I was younger. I have written an article on this here:

Finally, I got banned from AFF because I asked Amy WHY the hell is she BANNED from WP here?

So, it seems EVERY new idea that I suggested which just happened to question the actual diagnosis of autism got rejected flat in the face by EVERYONE!
Now I know that nobody will believe what I am writing, but TOO bloody bad!
This is me, this is NOT my hypomania stage of manic depression like every damn one wants to believe! I just happen to be having good things happening in my life right now as well.

If you don’t believe me, then I too will leave WP as well and chat somewhere else where my views with Aspies who blend as NTs; the fact that there is no big fat line between both, and that there are a whole bunch of geeks claiming to be autistic etc etc etc.

I myself no longer associate with AFF because of the reasons on that post, but it doesn’t stop our group trying to aim for the simple ideals of any autism front – to promote autism awareness and to get rid of any

Kathryn O’Neill
1 Sep 2005

Sep 5: I would like to announce that the newly formed autism group in Townsville has changed its name from AFFT to TAAC. The old name was Aspies For Freedom Townsville (AFFT), but NOW WE have changed it to the newer name OF TAAC (Townsville Adult Aspies Club). We did this so that we can be a fully independent group, without any associations with anybody else. Thank you very much for reading this. By the way, the new website link is
[Site –  sad to see this link has disappeared, years later]