ethicality of Luke Jackson seminars?

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Luke Jackson is doing a seminar speaking tour for several months from March 15, spanning Wrexham, Cardiff, Glasgow, Cork, and Sheffield.

A legal notice was issued on January 27 to the host venues, organisers, and other speakers. All parties listed here were notified that every party to every seminar will commit a serious crime of mass child cruelty, and not libelled if named for it in public, unless they do one small simple thing.

This should be done as an automatic duty, not as a favour they have any discretionary choice over. They have a duty to notify the public that wronged child authors exist: to do this in the advertising, alongside every mention of Luke Jackson, and to issue notices to every seminar participant. As simple as that.

It’s nothing personal concerning him at all, it is to do with other people’s unmet entitlement to the same opportunities. You can tell by common sense why not doing it is as serious as child cruelty. It is part of the crime done to wronged child authors, for them not to have their existence recognised, when if their writing chances had not been ruined by adults’ crimes, homework pressure, they obviously would be recognised.

At the time of posting this item, after March 15 had passed, the only party from whom any response has been obtained was Wendy Lawson. So she is in the clear, she has acknowledged this issue. But for all the others, before going to any seminars you the public are invited to ask them whether they have taken this action to make wronged child authors known. Check the advertising of each seminar, up to its date, for whether the issue appears in the advertising. If it turns out that they have done nothing, then they have committed a serious mass scale child cruelty to tar their names, and they have not even been able to deny that it is not a libel to tell the public so.

The question was posed in March in the future tense. You check the evidence to see if they have done the right and ethical thing yet, and draw your own conclusion. Only if the date of a seminar passes and they never do it, will the accusation stand against their names, and this will not become clear in all cases until the seminar season is over, but the question can’t responsibly be left until then. So at this date no one is being named as committing this mass cruelty, but all are being named as concerningly not having undertaken not to do it.It is necessary to speak out and make sure that if you are attending or have attended any of these seminars you should have been told about wronged child authors. This question applies to the following:

  • autism cymru
  • Centre for the Development of Autism Practice


  • Teacher Building, St Enoch Square, Glasgow.
  • The Source Conference Centre, Meadowhall, Sheffield
  • Clarion Hotel, Lapps Quay, Cork, Ireland
  • Millennium Stadium, Cardiff
  • Newi Institute, Wrexham, Wales


  • Chris and Gisela Slater Walker (authors of ‘An Asperger Marriage’)
  • Dr Glenys Jones (University of Birmingham),
  • Enid Moore (Darland School),
  • Claire Fennell (Autism West Midlands),
  • Andrea Macleod (University of Birmingham),
  • Ray Dickson (Flintshire YOT),
  • Jan Rogers (Stoke Heath Young Offenders Institution)
  • Professor Pat Howlin (Professor of Clinical Psychology- St George’s Hospital Medical School)
  • Peter Koop (Pembrokeshire School),
  • Professor Michael Fitzgerald (Henry Marsh Professor Child & Adolescent Psychiatry, Trinity College Dublin)
  • Dr Tony Attwood, Clinical Psychologist (Australia)

18 March 2005

Kenny Glanaan, a film director who it has been announced, intends to make a film about the Jacksons with Helena Bonham-Carter, is notified of the same concern.

11 July 2005