Jaromir Lhotsky, Essex psychiatrist

This account was on the original Spectrum Fairness site of 2004-5. It came from an anonymous aspie in England, concerning a psychiatrist in Essex, Jaromir Lhotsky, who was found guilty of serious professional misconduct concerning methadone, but the GMC was still allowing him to work in mental health and merely intending to review him after 3 years.

I can understand perhaps why I was not diagnosed until I was 38.8 years of age but I still can`t understand why my 14 year old daughter had not been noticed as having ASD by the school/health care.

Suppose I am lucky that my 5 year old daughter’s school have noticed and picked up on her ASD which is really good and she will now receive some help, starting with speech and language help so its not all bad.

Also back in 1998 I was accused of abusing my children because they acted different to NT children and they were put on the at risk register, I’m still waiting for an apology from social services but I suppose this will never happen, hence is probably why they won’t get involved now with my family as they know that they made a mistake there and any futher involvment with the family may result in legal action, who knows?

What really makes me feel angry is that in 1998 I was mis-diagnosed by a psychiatrist with borderline personality disorder and over medicated on overdose levels with medication that I did not require who I`m now aware of has been in the papers for serious misconduct for another reason. news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/2692901.stm

I now have serious problems with my health and am showing signs of heart failure, I have tried to get a solicitor to act on my behalf but sadly I have not been able to find one to take the case on legal aid. You can also quote that he also told the whole conference room that I had a borderline personality disorder that was very dangerous.

A record of medication and levels that he was prescribing me, 1998:
(List not complete)

  • MELLERIL 50mg three times a day
  • OXAZEPAM 10mg three times a day
  • AMISULPRIDE 200mg three times a day
  • GAVISCON Four 5ml spoonful to be taken three times a day (I have not taken any of this for over 7 years now, for basically as long as I decided to come of all this medication myself against the doctors wishes, was only there to help with severe heartburn pains, had I not decided to go against this guy and come of my meds then I don`t think that I would be here anymore.
  • BECOTIDE 200 microgram 2 puffs at bedtime
  • ZOTON 15mg Once per day
  • PROCYCLIDINE HYDROCHLORIDE 5mg one three times a day
  • VENTOLIN 2 puffs prn
  • NITRAZEPAM 5mg three every night
  • AMITRIPTYLINE 50mg five at bedtime

This was my regular long term medication over a period of 18 months plus when I was admitted to a therepautic community for 14 months, there was other medication on top of this but I have got to find the details on my reordering slips.

I have taken myself off all this medication and the only one I take now is NITRAZEPAM which helps me sleep but I’m having troubles coming of this as it is highly addictive.