a notice to every education authority in 2001

Sent on 2 July 2001 to all 212 education authorities in the UK as listed in Whitaker’s Almanack.

Concerning a parliamentary record on all dress codes and uniforms being A human rights violation in International Law.

This record is in the submission I was invited to make to the Scottish Parliament procedures committee’s enquiry into “Consultative Steering Group principles” and equal opportunities. Committee clerk Mr John Patterson appreciated the submission on June 26. Without prejudging at all the committee’s response to it, its existence presents all operators of schools with a responsibility to absorb its implications for equal opportunities and human rights.

parliament_300  “This is not confined to Scotland, it follows for every democracy that subscribes to international principles against discrimination and for minorities.

In the submission, I cited the link between skin sensitivity, metabolism, and body electricity to show that comfort identities are scientifically serious and not frivolous. Comfort identities are minorities who make unusual choices of costume. It follows they are entitled to the same recognition and equal opportunity status as all other categories of minority, and this is violated by uniforms or dress codes, hence these are invalidated.

It follows this applies equally to uniformities imposed by peer groups. Hence, until all experiential evidence on these comfort identities is published, it violates human rights to enforce school attendance at all for children who identify with costumes that peer group prejudice against exists.

This has also been communicated to the independent sector.

In duty to everyone who this question applies to.
Maurice Frank “