gfcf kids uk

This Yahoo group is advertised in both the books published under Luke Jackson’s name but described in the Times 16 Aug 02 as more his mother’s creations and under heavy adult control really. This should count as a nice thing to say, because it helps show nothing that happened was blamable on LJ, it is the adults around him who at present should be blamed for wanting to continue to advertise GFCF Kids UK. However, in imminent adulthood he too will have a public responsibility to disown it.

Despite its name it is not a children’s group and it covers GFCF diet knowledge for all ages, the name just comes from the diet being targetted at children, as with the original US based group GFCF Kids.

Accordingly, it was entirely in keeping with the way it was advertised, for any adult who has newly learned about AS to join GFCF Kids UK to see if it helped with learning more about the AS scene and whether the diet was personally relevant or not. I don’t have any serious food problems but there is dairy intolerance in my family and a history of angina and strokes. I chose from older childhood onwards that I felt more comfortable eating less dairy than the addictive quantities my family consumed every day: my grandparents were so militant that butter and full cream milk are both nicer than the alternatives, that I caused surprise by not sharing that perception. This family history should show that though I’m not on GFCF diet, learning more about it was relevant to understanding my medical background.

All I ever did in GFCF Kids UK was post 1 message which was a technical enquiry about how offlist email worked. It appeared to me that perfectly decent friendly answers to this were posted. I had never given any personal or medical information to anyone. Then after only a week of membership, I was banned, and never told any reason why.

This was in Jan 2003, before any of the personal trouble with he-special-uk and consequent hate vendetta had ever happened. Behaviour like this is emotional and medical abuse of the public, perpetrated exploitatively through a child figurehead. I know, it’s a secret how, that Jackson participation in GFCF Kids UK has practically stopped entirely since last summer, but advertising of GFCF Kids UK is not being retracted. The library service in Fife was willing to put in writing its sympathies for this being an unjust experience, admitting an ethical question mark over stocking the Jacksons’ books in its autism collection. Sunderland university however has not answered my notice that it and all GFCF diet promoters and parents will be child harmers unless – they automatically disown GFCF Kids UK and all sources that advertise it and all experiential findings on the diet that it has ever made known. Jessica Kingsley and the major book chains have a public health responsibility too. You are judge of whether they are meeting it.

The justification of using such serious words as “child harm” is proved by a tip off I received from a parent, explaining that intolerant behaviour exists in the GFCF scene and may explain GFCF Kids UK’s behaviour as paranoia to keep all its members under doctrinal control. There are fundamentalists of GFCF diet, who rigidly want children taken off both gluten and casein in every case, not to have the effects of removing each protein tested separately as the Sunderland Protocol advises. I had already seen arguments like this conducted on the Allergy Induced Autism website, and been suspicious, considering the full GFCF diet takes away a whopping great range of sources of nutrition. This parent told me she had a soya allergic child who would be undernourished following the full GFCF diet, so as a responsible parent she had reintroduced casein (dairy), and for this she had been screamed at abusively and called a bad parent, by a fanatic who runs an influential GFCF food shop service.

Folk often selfishly don’t think they should have to disown groups themselves in solidarity with just 1 socially wronged member. This case shows that all who take that view are party to empowering fanatics to put at risk children’s access to adequate food.

Maurice Frank
20 Apr 2004