Autism Cymru – Racism in an "autism resolution to be sent to world bodies"

Autism Cymru was the administrator of the recent Awares Online Conference, planned to repeat annually. (NB Dec 5: William Lamar, who was alerted as missing during the conference, is safely home.)

Midway through it, Adam Feinstein circulated an

“autism resolution”,

counting AS as part of autism as these organisations always do, that was going to the European Parliament among other places.

The details that signers were asked for included “Country of origin”. I responded that spectrumites’ issues about sensitivity and metabolism…

…> raise compatibility with environment, that seriously proves it a
> biological crime against a person’s body to force the person into
> association with a different climatic environment than they identify
> Including when a bigot dictates which country he says a person belongs
> and takes pleasure in kicking in the teeth the person’s own expressed
> national identity. Common, and deeply wounding, bigotries, sometimes
> bullying but sometimes just simple-minded, are to take a person’s accent
> or surname or birthplace as a criterion that dictates arbitrarily their
> country. These bigotries are acts of genocide, nations with a history of
> dispersal like the Scots show how, and the spectrumite sensitivities thing
> proves the biological seriousness of the offence.

Hence proving:

that international law is
> obliged to criminalise all birthplace bigotry as an atrocity of ethnic
> persecution.
> So to back this petition – whose objective itself should help me get this
> message across! – I need to know that it is not trying to categorise
> people by the arbitrary location of either their birthplace or their
> childhood. In which case, what exactly is it trying to record by “country
> of origin”? and wouldn’t a signer’s present address be more relevant to a
> petition?
> thank you for your care.

On Oct 28 he answered:

> You raise a good point. Country of residence would have been better
> put.
> Please assume that was what I meant, and apologies for any
> misunderstanding.
> Please let me know if you are happy to be a signatory to the
> resolution.

Yet, when he circulated another email giving out post-conference certificates to the participants after it had ended (Nov 11), and he made another call for support for his resolution, “Country of origin” was still there. He had done nothing to alter it. He had not acted on taking the point. For that, I was obliged in conscience to withdraw from support already given!! Now you think about yours.

It is carelessness towards the public. Now, this is Autism Cymru, right? The national outfit in Wales. This was being done from


Indeed, the Awares conference had a picture of Cardiff on its entrance page.That itself is a place affected by the type of climatic unfairness I was telling him about! Cardiff lies near the head of a long narrow waterway, the Bristol Channel. Its strong tides, the second strongest in the world, and funnelling shape, cause saturated damp in the air, and on the mountainous Welsh side this works together with the rainy climate associated with mountains. In regions along long narrow waterways these effects often have a local trend to cause nasal irritation, catarrhal and cold-like symptoms. “Cardiff Nose”. This frustrates self-discovery by folks who have minority sensitivities against over-dressing, such as shortists.

Knowing about it, I asked Adam to get Autism Cymru to do local awareness raising on it in South Wales. Most importantly, before the present winter, in case there are any spectrumite shortists there who have not discovered themselves because of the local climate. When sensitivities are not catered to, it causes irritation and distraction and impairs performance – so our fellow spectrumites in the Cardiff Nose region, and others like it, the Thames Valley is another, have a biological right not to be left through another winter without awareness raising of this. Awareness raising which will also help the biologically serious civil rights struggle to uphold dress freedom throughout society including in employment and school.

He’s ignored it.

and finally, you will find this one wearily predictable.

Autism Cymru is hosting an International Autism Conference in Cardiff on 8-10 May 2006. Speakers include Jacqui Jackson.. Hence they have been asked to say they will comply with their duty to make participants know that there exist child authors whose chances were destroyed by the crime of abusive school homework, and it would be an act of child cruelty towards present cases not to do it.

The answer that they will do it is still awaited. There is a clear picture of abuse in not having it by now.