protest outside a Jacqui Jackson talk in Glasgow

I’m going to do a protest with a placard, outside the Strathclyde Hilton Hotel in Bellshill near Glasgow, on March 8. [2006] At 6:45 Jacqui Jackson is doing a talk there about how brilliant her family are, as a follow-up to Magnificent 7, and it will cost £30 a head to attend it. Seems like she is becoming a bit of an expensive celebrity. However, the protest will not prejudge her personally in any way, it is against the events’ organisers. Jacqui herself would even come out of it personally enhanced if she chose to back the protest issue. She has that choice.

The protest will be: that all promotions of them should care to also tell the public that aspie child authors wronged by abusive school homework exist. The placard will be directed at Jacqui personally at the event’s promoters: her agency the Centre For the Development of Autism Practice. It is a snooty self-concerned business that ignores ordinary people and only wants to play the celeb game. What are the grounds for saying that? Simple: it has been ignoring this issue for a long time. How mean-spirited.

I will do the protest alone if necessary! but will have plenty of time between now and then to tell local group friends about it. I have given the police advance notice already, based on not expecting it to turn into a large demo. They were perfectly civil about it and don’t see any problem with it, so that’s officially registered now.

Bellshill is a station where 2 rail services into Glasgow converge: the slow line from Edinburgh via Livingston, and the local line from Lanark via Motherwell. The Strathclyde Hilton is on the west side of the A725 dual carriageway which crosses the railway 1/2 mile west of the station, and it’s another 1/2 mile north of the railway. This A725 also leads from M74 j 5, or from the A8 gap section of the M8 3 miles east of the Baillieston M73 junction.

Maurice Frank
7 Feb 2006
– I have done similar demonstrations done more recently, outside Autistic Intelligence’s conference at Dalmuir on 2 Mar 2015 which also involved Jacqui, and the National Autistic Society’s AGM at York on 21 Nov 2015. 1843100983.isbn – used to be, sadly has stopped working, a link to a very perceptive teenager’s discovery of common phrases that prove Jacqui Jackson a joint writer of the F+G book. The page editor won’t disable the link!