FW: HMIE backed by The Labour Party Refuse To Issue Secret Report on Autistic Child. Executive Now Do What They Want, Parliament/People Are Now Irrelevant

Circulated at the request of David Cunningham, a frustrated parent in Scotland and Cross-Party Group member – site.

Attached is yet another of the hundreds of examples of the typical blocks and strategies being implemented by HMIe and Scottish Executive in preventing the parents of Scotland getting quality Education for their Special Need Children. This and the hundreds of other examples proves that there is systemic incompetence and cover up by the Scottish Executive and other bodies who are destroying Special Need Children and their families by colluding to protect themselves against basic challenge and questioning.

The MSP’s of Scotland have to see this as yet more evidence of the Council’s and other public bodies covering their tracks by implementing a Policy of zero disclosure. Problem is the Parents of Scotland are being told by their MSP’s that the Parliament is useless to prevent them doing what they want. I have examples from all over Scotland that prove that the Executive and Council’s are a law unto themselves and that they see the Parliament and it’s MSP’s as nothing more than an irritant to their separate decision making. I will leave the other parents/relatives/friends of Scotland to present their own points but present the following 3 factual examples that demonstrate the case that Parliament is being ignored and is a toothless talking shop:

1. HMIe carry out a secret, incompetently executed review on my son and then refuse to provide any terms of reference, don’t interview the parents, don’t interview the teachers and carer’s and mainly interview senior managers and budget holders. HMIe then refuse to issue the secret report to the parents while all the other government bodies and council has been provided with a copy of the report;

2.Marilyn Livingstone in response to my question as to why my Labour MSP wasn’t issuing letters and questions of her own to Fife Education stated …MSP’s are just really just Facilitators I really don’t know what you expect us (MSP’s) to do?

3. Murdo Fraser my hard working and caring MSP has said Dave, I really don’t know how long I can keep on requesting answers and information. There are clearly many issues and they don’t want to disclose them to me. I have even tried to use the Freedom of Information Act and well you can see what that’s achieved. Due to the time that your case is taking I am not sure that I will be able to keep devoting time to David’s case. There’s not much more that I can do. What follows are now my words. Murdo has been ignored and as a caring MSP has been treated despicably by the Public Bodies. His numerous brave attempts for disclosure has achieved absolutely nothing but an increased collusion between HMIe, Scottish Executive and Fife Council.

A serious question must now be asked.

The Scottish Parliament under Labour are allowing an incompetent Executive and Council to spent the Tax Payers Money doing what they want, when they want. However worse of all The Parliament are Powerless to act against them. In addition MSP’s who do try and get answers are branded as troublemakers. But worse of all the Executive and Councils string them along to the point that the MSP is forced and systematically pressured to give up on the children and families that they represent. The blame for this has to be put at the door of the Labour Party.

Scotland where the Scottish Executive and Councils laugh, scorn and ignore the People of Scotland.

The people of Scotland now know where the real power lives and it isn’t in the Parliament. I am distributing this e-mail all over Scotland and the World, I suggest you do as well.

Dave Cunningham Parent of a typical disabled and sick child who has had services, budgets and justice stripped away by the Labour Party, Scottish Executive and Councils.
27 May 2006