Adders – a prominent ADHD site

As emailed to the membership of the prominent ADHD site Adders by a hurt member, who has received many supportive messages form other members (see comments):

Standing up against unfairness!

Dear Adders people,
Imagine that your child was permanently excluded from school. One deputy head said it was because your child had been ‘causing arguments’, but could give no evidence about what arguments had been caused, when or with who.
The headteacher gave another reason, but it completely contradicted the reason given by the deputy head.
Would that seem fair to you?
Wouldn’t you then keep asking for a reason why your child had been excluded?
Wouldn’t you kick up a fuss and protest the exclusion?

My analogy, as many of you know, relates to me – banned from Adders for a reason nobody will tell me. If you’re a newbie, watch out: this could be you, too, if you disagree with any of the Admin team about anything!

Why was I changed to guest status in the first place and where is the evidence of my causing of arguments?

Sometime in June, I agreed with Samantha on the Adders forums that Adrian (loverablemole/ possibly Cheekychap too) had been a bit rude to her in a post; I also said he probably didn’t realise he had come across so rudely. This was apparently ‘abuse’ of Adrian, although Samantha remains able to post. I also started a thread talking about censorship on Adders in general, like when Bojangles got banned for having opinions others disagreed with. At no time was I ever rude about any individual.

I then had trouble replying to Adrian’s test emails, as they kept getting returned to me.

I posted the following to him on the 3rd July:
“I’ve now had two emails ‘undelivered’ to your email address.
Perhaps this is why people can’t reply to your test emails? Just a thought.This is exfactor. I do not choose to post anymore at the moment, but wish for my membership to remain should I choose to contact anyone through the website in the future.”

I got the following reply from Adrian:
“funny no-one else has a problem replying to my tset email and if we chose to delete memberships we do this for a number of reasons and i have every right as admin for the site to put your membership on restictions as you have caused arguements a nuber of yimes on and it is yor end as i have people reply to their test emails and also your membership has been put onto guest status”

I then obviously complained! I got the following message from Caroline:
“Sorry but you have not been banned. We were simply carrying out your own request. You sent email to Adrian saying that you no longer wished to post but you wished to leave your membership open so you could get in touch with people from the forum boards Therefore we changed your membership status to that of Guest.”


I emailed her back to say, oh, well you misunderstood, but she ignored me, only to respond when I had tried to post about it on the boards saying “after that you decided to spam the boards this is abuse and therefore the final reason was for abuse of the boards (now they had another excuse!)I do not have to explain myself to you anyway at the end of the day I pay for the site – ok so there are some donations now which help – however still the bulk of the costs come from my own pocketyou have
>> abused the rules of the board by spamming and using numerous log in names (like Adrian – Loverablemole and Cheekychap (probably) – but it’s OK for him, hey?) therefore I am free to do as I see feel fit” (but it’s not censorship, oooh no)

JD tells me, yesterday:
“You were temporarily changed to guest status as you were posting offensively on the boards about a member. ”

(Oh…who was I ‘posting offensively’ about? Can you quote the offensive bit, please, just to enlighten me?)

So, what’s the truth? Someone’s distorting things, aren’t they – why was I turned to guest in the first place? It all contradicts – someone’s not being honest.
I apologise to members of the forums whose evening on the 3rd July was disturbed when Caroline chose to turn the boards off, but if what they were doing by banning me was so ok, what is the problem with letting people read about it, like I am doing now? A lot of you will think: go away, you silly woman, and that’s fine (I’m sure Madhouse, Noogsy and Keeny will be able to tell me how ‘sick’ and ‘sad’ I am again as on the thread started about me on 4th July- obviously I’m not allowed to say Adrian is rude, as that’s offensive, but they can say that about me and that’s fine – no hypocrisy there then!), but surely I am entitled to ask a question???????! All I was doing was posting this information, but they kept deleting it. I appreciate that my behaviour on that night broke terms and conditions, but NOTHING I had done up till then ever had, so the reason for banning me just seems to come down to Adrian not liking being told that his manner can sometimes be a bit snappy and rude when people are asking a question.

So, consider my question: Why was I changed to guest status in the first place and where is the evidence of my causing of arguments?

Not only that, but a ‘number of times’, apparently! If anyone has got that evidence of me ‘posting offensively’ before the 3rd of July, please forward it to me so that I can at least know why I have been banned from a website I have been posting on supportively for over a year, offering advice and support to others…cos Admin refuse to tell me why I am banned and can’t even agree themselves on the reason!

JD, having emailed me this week to say I could start posting again if I agree to the Terms and Conditions (which I agreed to), has now said I should go away and set up my own website rather than tell me the answer to that question, cos I said I agreed to the T&C but wanted my question answered first!I have also been asked to apologise to the person I offended, but as they won’t tell me the reason I was banned, I can’t tell who I was banned for offending!

You may think it is silly to be bothered, but unfairness from anyone, adult or child, to anyone else, adult or child, really really annoys me, especially when someone is prevented from expressing their opinion and people won’t back up the accusations they make!

I am able to get onto the adders site, and am even able to post under another identity, although the Admin team have tried to block most of my IP addresses to stop me from even READING the forums, but that’s not the point. ‘Exfactor’ should not have been banned in the first place!

I know most of you will totally be against what I am saying, and that’s fine. I don’t need to you email me to tell me that! However, if you have any actual evidence that what happened on 3rd July was fair i.e. any proof of me breaking the rules prior to that by offending you or others/ causing arguments, which would justify me being turned into a guest, please do pass it on.

I wouldn’t put up with this if my son was excluded from school for no good reason, so I won’t put up with it for me either.

26 Jul 2006


Labour Party has ensured that disabled people are being starved of their right to their Health

David Cunningham, a parent in Scotland with a long-running problem case, has contributed to Spectrum Fairness before. He now wishes this further strong message about his anger with the Labour Party’s management of classical autism services, to be circulated worldwide, as he explains. – site.

The sleaze ridden, uncaring Labour Party are systematically ensuring that disabled children, specifically people with autism, are starved of their health.

This is frighteningly demonstrated within the Labour stronghold of Fife where NHS Fife under the management of Professor McGoldrick and Dr Francis Elliot Medical Director (supported by Mr Brechin and George Cunningham) have for years now played games and politics rather than deliver health services to a severely autistic boy.

The latest rhubarb came from Dr Elliot Medical Director NHS Fife in a letter dated 24th July 2006. In the letter she makes a desperate attempt to prop up Labour’s Policies by misrepresenting the facts and doctoring the truth to suit her demonstrably unethical position. I understand from my communications with hundreds of parents and relatives throughout Scotland that the following examples of NHS Officials playing “Labour’s Game” are becoming the “norm”. Please pass on this e-mail and all of the 25 facts (another 23 to come) to all interested parties around the world. We have to let the world know just how bad things have degenerated in Scotland under Labour.

Dr Elliot as chair of the Clinical Advisory Panel (CAP) did (she is trying to deny it through an incompetent technicality that is described below) block the release of funds for a severely Autistic boy. She will claim what she did was in accordance with the new Labour legislation. That is she will not issue the funding for the little boy’s health care until the parents start taking the garbage offered by the ‘yet to be proven competent’ Fife Education. This child had a major medical breakdown in the first place due to Fife’’s handling of his Education.

The world must hear this. This sleaze ridden, immoral Labour party has effectively given all Health Authorities the mandate to starve any disabled person of their health care under Labou’rs requirement for ‘Integrated Assessments’ and delivery. In that Health, Social Services and Education must be delivered ‘as one’. This means that in Fife £17,000 per annum that was allocated for my son’s healthcare has for 3 years been frozen while the parents, through no fault of their own, watch the ‘yet to be proven competent ‘ Fife Education’ play their part in the Labour sham by refusing to provide details of a competent education service for my son. In addition Fife Social Services are also in on Labours immoral attempts to destroy the lives of disabled autistic children and there families. In that Senior Social Services Management in full collusion with Senior NHS Fife and Fife education management deliberately and without consultation with parents removed a small but critical number of hours of service. They all knew that this would cause maximum negative impact to my son and his family. But significantly how do I know that Professor McGoldrick, Dr Elliot, Mr Brechin and George Cunningham know all this? Well the basis for NHS Fife CAP’s approval of the £17,000 per annum was to support the small number of hours from Social Services.

But in an evil and immoral twist in the letter dated 24 July 2006 from NHS Fife, Dr Elliot and Professor McGoldrick state and I quote….’At that time and on regular occasions since then you (she’s talking about me) have declined to accept this integrated package of care’…unquote. This is where Elliot and McGoldrick are liars. In a desperate attempt to prop up Labour’s Policies they know that Fife Education have never offered any package of care. They also know that at the same time and to back Fife Education Fife Social Services timely removed (as detailed above) their Service. Indeed to complete the ‘Triad of Destruction’ and in full alignment with Labour’s Grand Design NHS Fife simultaneously froze the £17,000 per annum to maximise the negative impact to our son and his family. PLEASE PASS THIS TRUE SEQUENCE OF FACTS AROUND THE WORLD AS IT DEMONSTRATES THAT LABOUR’S POLICIES ARE DESIGNED NOT TO DELIVER SERVICES BUT DESTROY THE HEALTH OF SEVERELY DISABLED AUTISTIC CHILDREN AND THERE FAMILIES.


I present more evidence not that anymore is required. The recent Labour publication admitted that under their management there has been a 1000% increase in people with autism in Scotland over the last 10 years. This means that 1 in 25 grandparents have no choice but to accept the Labour Party’s gift that they will have a grandchild that will develop autism. Yet for the same period Labour has refused to listen to the explosion of parents and grandparents who have been telling them what has been happening.


There are several more facts that I can present which overwhelmingly support the statement that the ‘Labour Party has ensured that disabled people are being starved of their right to their Health’. But I will close with one final fact. The Labour Party in a desperate attempt to prevent many facts from getting out has shut down the Cross Party Group for Autism. But worse in shutting it down they doctored the minutes of some meetings in a deliberate and systematic attempt by Elaine Smith, Labour Chair, to cover up the issues those Parents, Grandparents and other relatives and friends of People with Autism were raising. In an unprecedented move Labour also shut down the Cross Party Group for Autism Website and removed all minutes – COVER UP OR WHAT?

I have another 23 or 25 facts to go. I re-emphasise that when finished it will show that the Labour Party backed up by an incompetent Executive have colluded and worked to cause maximum damage to People With Autism. But even worse, this has been done within a restructured justice system. Specifically the Scottish Legal Aid Board (SLAB ) has been structured and with no standards for Autism in existence then this makes it virtually impossible to get justice i.e. the rates paid by SLAB means that most of Scotland’s legal firms cannot afford to take on complex cases like those described above because the SLAB rates and procedures means that legal firms are forced to take a loss for every hour worked (Reference is made to statements made by the Law Society, Law Firms and media reports). Also when the parents point to a best practice standard the Labour Party, Executive and Council shrug their shoulders and say “we dictate what standard of crap you’re going to get in your services” thereby ensuring that no laws are ever broken. Unless of course someone dies. Many believe that it is no coincidence that cases of suicide amongst people with autism and their families have significantly increased under Labour.


Signed Dave Cunningham Father of a severely autistic boy whose son, under Labour, is forced to live with the following realities:

1. Severe bowel problems, it is fact that the ‘scoping’ of People with Autism has been mostly banned because the Labour Party and incompetent Executive can’t explain what they are finding. So opt for ‘don’t look, no problem’ strategy;

2. autistic colitis;

3. SIGN and NHS refuse to recommend best practice medical protocol for People with Autism;

4. Parents are forced to fund testing themselves. But even where partial reimbursement is given NHS Scotland refuse to pay for all the treatment because they say Labour, Executive, SIGN and BNF will not approve it.

5. NHS official policy is to tell parents to go to charities to get ‘charity handouts’ as Labour’s Policy does not allow funding of the best practice. Note much of which is a fraction of the cost of existing treatment.

6. Where NHS do not have the expertise in their geographic area NHS are now systematically refusing to pay for the full costs of GP referrals out with their area. This practice in NHS Fife means that thousands of pounds in GP referrals are being refused to be reimbursed to parents by NHS Fife. Thereby preventing People with Autism getting access to Health care.

7. Many people with autism have the measles virus circulating inside them. The Labour Party claim this is impossible and so again opt for ‘don’t look, no problem’ strategy;

8. Within Scotland parents are being deliberately refused funding to take their child to the ‘Best Practice Clinic’ run by the charity Autism Treatment Trust in Edinburgh. The trust is manned with professionals and with their extensive network of clinicians around the world can go on to provide a truly world class service. But under Labour parents have been banned from receiving funding.

9. etc, etc