Patients’ Association

The Patients’ Association, certainly its Scottish branch, is ruthless, self-interested, + not interested a damn in the patients in whose name it exists.

When it is approached concerning corrupt warping of the procedures in the NHS complaints and Ombudsman systems,

the Patients’ Association’s chair will just say, sorry can’t help, you have tried all possibilties, nothing we can do. When she knows there is something she can do, she can expose what is going on. This can be done both on the Patients’ Association’s website and in all the representational material it produces at a general level on NHS patients’ behalf. But the PA’s response to being told this, + told it has an AUTOMATIC duty to do it or else is itself criminally culpable towards many people, is just to ignore it.

When an “advance statement” under the 2003 Mental Health Act is presented to the NHS, and contains declared information affecting every other person either presenting such a statement or using mental health systems, the information must be acted on. It is not enought just to file away the advance statement in the personal files of the person who wrote it. Because it is potentially evidence in every mental health case, it is a legal corruption of the case of everyone in the system unless that is done, which makes it an automatic duty. This is a description of the case the PA’s assistance in was applied for. Its reaction is a deliberate siding with suppression of facts. It is a criminal act towards all users of the mental health system.

Everyone thinking of trying the Patients’ Association, for anything, instead tell it you know of this + enquire as to how it explains a claim to be entitled to say no to exposing any, that’s any, corruption in health service procedures !!!