dangerous psychiatrist wants to return to unmitigated school atrocities

This Sunday Mirror item – that’s a tabloid paper, remember – [ link now disappeared, was www.sundaymirror.co.uk/news/tm_headline=naughty-kids-need-discipline-not-drugs-&method=full&objectid=18109811&siteid=94762-name_page.html ]

is exploiting the well-funded fear of overpushed drugs for ADHD, to call for a return to belief in discipline instead of in the reality of ADHD at all.

This when evidence up to a generation old, of serious life-wrecking abuses committed by schools in the name of discipline, are still being systematically suppressed from public awareness. They are neither getting published nor covered in the media – how work pressure and teachers deciding they know best a child’s abilities can make a child’s life impossible. Resulting in a clash that can even be called life-threatening if running away or suicide are the child’s only escape options, otherwise results in descent into the social service/mental health underworld.

Growth in understanding of the neurodiverse or autistic spectrum, whichever you prefer to call it, is the only major gain that has been achieved in the direction of overturning the wall of silence around teachers’ atrocities. A silence there has been a unanimous criminal consensus in the media and politics to maintain. Only the crime of that silence is served when a psychiatrist comes along and says to the tabloid press, okay I’ll back you, dictatorial power for teachers is right and the autistic spectrum isn’t real.

Quoting: “Consultant child psychiatrist Dr Sami Timimi argues that medicalisation of childhood problems is due to a search for “an easy cure that fits in with our fast lifestyles and gives us a quick answer”.

Consultant child psychiatrist. A profession with an overwhelming history, familiar to many spectrumites, of siding with persecution of us and with medical crimes seeking to destroy us. Do you see how Orwellian is the inversion of reality this sinister whitecoat Timimi is trying to pull? Under a cloak of opposing the medical crimes that involve drugs, he is promoting a wider agenda of medical crimes to be perpetrated through sheer authoritarian bullying. He is medicalising us by opposing accepting our reality! A politics of group destruction..

A worldwide emergency alert by the ASD scene is important.

Maurice Frank
1 Dec 2006