Adders again are at it again, this time trying to shut up a member who has criticised (not nastily) a member of admin (sounds familiar).
Suddenly her posts get locked, admin starts to make sarky remarks…people are allowed to make unpleasant remarks about her… again familiar. Perhaps this time they’ve learnt a lesson, as they’ve not banned her, perhaps free speech will finally be allowed on I particularly liked it when one member of admin commented that they’d never ban anyone for having an opinion because seems to me that’s exactly what keeps happening, specially if that opinion is about a member of admin doing something out of order e.g. Exfactor with Adrian and now this person with Dr Billy.

Think power of being admin is a bit much for some people hmmm. They get to lock posts whenever they feel like it and to boot off anyone they don’t like.

30 Dec 2006.

Site: All sites discussed have a right of reply. Hence here are some comments copied into the main article, for the sake of even-handedness of prominence for them. But it is not “comment behind people’s backs” for Unimpressed to post here, as it is done openly for anyone to read, and nobody can reasonably be asked to “put up or shut up” on a site where they find intimidatory group dynamics being allowed, can they?

Now they’ve banned her completely!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why not just call it a support site FOR ADMIN??????????????????????

Unimpressed, March 10

I have made enquiries to ascertain the validity of your statement and find that it is untrue. Nobody has been banned. Perhaps you should ensure you have all the facts and that they are correct before making misleading and incorrect statements.

Unimpressed2, March 16

As with all people calling names they never have there facts right. Too much in a rush to open there mouths and say something without checking first

there was no ban the person requested to leave for reasons of there own.

If the person writing this finds it such an issue why not say so publicly on the site instead of comments behind people’s backs
or is it a case of they will find that the support they enjoy at the moment wont be there for them when the truth about things are reveiled.

And the other members will not find this kind of helpful to a site they feel comfortable with.

Perhaps its time to put up or shut up.

Angry Person, March 16

July 7 !
Now there’s been another cull!

Darky, Chrissie, FeeinLeeds
The site has gone riiiiiiggggghht down the pan.

Even their posts saying bye were deleted. As always admin were allowed to make negative comments about Samantha’s SENDIST tribunal with JM saying she couldn’t see the point but then when people objected posts were locked and when people said bye we’re leaving and mentioned it their posts were deleted. someone needs to ask Caroline what’s going on, such rubbish to say that everyone’s entitled to there opinions and then to delete messages which express opinions about other peoples opinions Not a support site anymore, not at all.