Zyprexa Files Not Secret But Lilly Targets MindFreedom website

MindFreedom News – 15 January 2007

Nonviolent Revolution in Mental Health

The New York Times reports today that Eli Lilly’s files on the psychiatric drug Zyprexa are no longer secret, and are still available on the Internet. Yet, as the Times also reports, Lilly continues to target the MindFreedom web site for censorship with a Temporary Restraining Order.

MindFreedom’s Ted Chabasinski is one of the attorneys arguing against Eli Lilly and for free speech tomorrow, 16 January 2007, in US District Court in Brooklyn, New York.

British Medical Journal, journalist Evelyn Pringle and other media are covering the controversy. Why is mass publicity of the exposed files about Zyprexa a threat to Eli Lilly?

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Please redistribute this news to all appropriate places on and off the Internet. See the alert about how you can contact you Attorney General and ask for criminal prosecution of Eli Lilly executives.

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