Wikipediocracy: site exposing Wikipedia

Site: in 2007, Nadir Ali Rahman, one of thousands who have experienced the corruption of power and aggressiveness at the core of Wikipedia’s admin system, circulated a notice of a project to spread the alert against Wikipedia through Youtube. His heading, on the page linked to, contained an anti-Zionist personal view, but the resistance to Wikipedia should be nothing to do with whether you support Zionism or not: This Youtube group appears to have disappeared, the link no longer works.

More recently, the site Wikipediocracy has emerged, monitoring the internal politics of Wikipedia and providing a community for folks who have been bruised and wronged by Wikipedia’s workings to share about it, and share in keeping the facts on Wikipedia’s true nature publicly available.

As a perpetual reminder of what goes on in Wikipedia, why not to follow it as a source of reliable or useful facts, follow each of these links and let them speak for themselves. Then save them: “Quitting Wikipedia” “abuse of powers by admins as usual” “Quitting Wikipedia”