Wikipedia and Wikinews

News that it’s more of the same at Wikipedia. Copied into a main item, from a comment on “A gem of Wikipedia corruption.– Site.

Wikipedia and wikinews is absolute corrupt. I have documented double standards and corruption by it’s editors and administrators. When I posted a letter of complaint, Blackpearl14 went into my letter deleted portions of it, changing it. They also blocked me. Thus they generate bogus excuse after excuse. They spam google. If you want proof, check out the “history” pages and see how certain pages of even TALK & DISCUSSION are altered or outright deleted by Wikipedia’s so-called  volunteers. They also have their own business agenda, which I have documented in their own history, yet they accuse me of going into their own bios (which is impossible to do) and creating it. Wikinews also deleted a story about this “Wikipedia Corrupt” from their site within 5 minutes.

Also editors/administrators go back and forth. I will be happy to provide photos “screen shots” of their corruption, double standards and reckless abuse. The full letter was placed in TALK / Discussion yet it was either repeatedly deleted or as now has been edited by Blackpearl14, who deleted various portions of it especially involving her corruption and bias (check the history). Then I was blocked, banned etc…

Here is a portion of my letter

Attn: Wikipedia community & Mr. Wales – Through certain editors & administrators, Wikipedia continues to uphold double standards including to not follow it’s own policy of communications over issues. Thus the editors/administrators have total control, with a set of ever changing policies and double standards, including deleting anything that challenges their abuse of power and their own violations of Wikipedia’s written policies. This site continues to solicit itself as a free public forum that anyone can contribute and anyone can communicate as detailed by Wikipedia’s own written policies. Yet based on the continuing actions of particular editors and administrators, they have made Wikipedia their own private forum and have taken away all of those things. Meanwhile Wikipedia is generating hits, ranking status, income and clout from their various statements, and thus Wikipedia is committing at the very least fraud upon the public with it’s continuous promotions, solicitations and statements.

Other editors and administrators who have proven their practice of bias and manipulative and outright double standards practices include SVTCobra” and “Whoville” and “Chris Mann”. We have documented that they say one thing, yet practice another. We have documented that they enforce one set of Wikipedia polices yet discard and ignore those same policies when it applies to themselves or their selective circle of peers. We contributing writers also wonder just how many editors and administrators have a conflict of interest to various articles.

Here is a collection, from 2007 through August 2008, of some of BLACKPEARL14 (uses various alias wikipedia names) self published bias quotes. She has outright stated her bias purpose, her own bias causes and her own bias business. “I am Pirate Lord-ess of the Caribbean Sea along with my mate Jack Sparrow.” “I am the first Pirates of the Caribbean fan in the universe.” “I manage and contribute to my obsession Pirates of the Caribbean.” (Lists many pirates of the caribbean articles in Wikipedia) “I am working my way into managing all Pirates of the Caribbean articles in the future that I can.” “I am the biggest Pirates of the Caribbean fan of all time!” “I have proof of it as well.” “I’m writing a book”. “I’m also a Pirates of the Caribbean consultant, if you
have any questions, I own Bring me that Horizon forum.” “I am a big fan of Johnny Depp” “I am a big fan of Pirates of the Caribbean movies”. I have a “Pirates of the Caribbean obsession page – I’’d advise you to keep your hat on and not vandalize the pages or you won’’t be happy. Seriously.” “I am principal contributor of Pirates of the Caribbean articles.” “My knowledge on pirates spans from my favorite films Pirates of the Caribbean 1-3. Hence I am a Pirates of the Caribbean consultant.” “My Harry Potter obsession pages…” and much more.

Meanwhile like Blackpearl14, Whoville and SVTCobra both continue to delete any critical fact or information, stating that it doesn’’t meet their requirements, claiming it’s not newsworthy, not being current, or some other bogus excuse. But these reasons are actually double standards, because other information in the same article which does not meet those always changing requirements are allowed. Even if your contribution is neutral and has been in the news, both Whoville and SVTCobra will generate yet another reason to delete it. Yet they don’’t delete other critical facts or information using the same standards. Instead those are allowed. Hence Whoville and SVTCobra continue to apply double standards. When challenged, they bring in their peer who immediately deletes, and bans IP addresses etc..

2 Sep 2008