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It always pleases me, in solidarity with my Fife and Borders friends, to score points against “Number 6.”

So I’m morally fulfilled to find other Elas friends also voicing a concern, over the creative writing booklet produced in the name of Autism Initiatives in Scotland, with contributions made up from folks who attend number 6. Implying that the contributors to it reflect the entire potential creative writing interest available in Scotland to such a group. This when in reality number 6’s immoral and emotionally destructive territorial rule means that only folks who live in Lothian had any chance to contribute.

Our friend in Fife who is a prolifically driven creative writer and would want to take part in said group, languishes airbrushed right out of the reality being presented. Not a peep of acknowledgement of his existence. Or what of the folks in another city without yet any equivalent of number 6, Aberdeen, where our friends are still starting out in organising an aspie scene. What if you are a creative writer living there?

This is Autism Initiatives being wonderful do-gooders again, right?