Facebook group "You might be an aspie if…" discrmination and emotional violence towards all serious aspies

A group in Facebook called “You might be an aspie if…”.

* You might be an aspie if… your boyfriends parents think you’re bored or uninterested and keep asking him if you enjoyed yourself, even if you had a brilliant time.
* Yeah, and you might not be aspie if you have a boyfriend.
* Not necessarily, depends where you met him.
* We aren’t all nerds devoid of love lives you know!

If this dialogue stands endorsed by the group’s host then the group is a hateful and discriminatory attack and emotional violence upon a most basic fact of aspie life. No group whose value system ever includes NT-type jeers about nerds, is an ethically legit part of the aspie scene at all, it is the enemy of the real caring scene.