Gendered Intelligence

To a party whose existence I came across in the Metro. Considering they are called Gendered Intelligence, their position was really unintelligent:

I saw your claim to class as transgender “anyone who challenges gender norms”. I find this dangerously on the bullies’ side.

The evil in gender norms is that they oppress personal liberty to make personal choices. They are a way for oppressive societies to predecide folks’ characters for them. If you want your liberty over your own life choices, most survival importantly if you are a straight man choosing that you don’t enjoy violence and are not macho, then you are not in any way identifying as partly a woman or saying you want to be one. It is bullies and bigots, to enforce oppression, who tell you your choices make you a girlie or a poof.

I am an aspie, an able autistic. Our strong side is independence of mind, from complying with the acceptance rules of groups who we don’t fit into anyway by social skill. We often find ourselves in collision with all sorts of norms, we are proud to be scientific proof that norms are evil. So this will include gender norms. Not interested in football, not admiring big strong swaggery yobbos. The reason for these collisions has nothing to do with our sense of gender, nor with who we fancy.

Physical sensitivities are affected by autism too, and relatedly by attention deficit. Reaction to texture, heat, constriction, which affects choices of clothes. I have this, I have a heat sensitivity in favour of shorts. I wrote the article in the Asperger United for April, on how all dress codes and uniforms are a biological abuse crime. Obviously this includes being oppressed by gender attitudes to dress, because they are sometimes inconvenient. Not because we are transgender.

Have you heard of the 2 schoolboys, lucky with the survivability conditions in their schools not being like in ghetto communities, who have gone to school in skirts, by right under gender discrimination, in order to fight against not being allowed shorts? I suffered the same adverse school dress discrimination as them, so have practically all boys, and wrote up my admiration and backing for them. What their bully enemies writing “fag” on their Youtube presence want, what ruins their action, is for you to claim them as transgender.

If a woman can wear a pink watch just because she likes the watch and its unassuming colour on her wrist, without anyone drawing conclusions about her gender, then so can and do I. It would be oppression and slavery to duck doing it. I duck wearing a skirt though because I think there is a danger over the decency laws, given the illogical fault in skirts’ shape. The physical awkwardness of wearing them, the pants problem, that originally was an oppression for women, now can allow indecency to be held against men in them while nothing but arbitrary custom absurdly keeps women immune to that judgment. That I think is why the gender specificity of skirts has never been broken down, when many other gender specificities have. I’m actually writing this in Scotland, too, so it needs to be a strong reasoning, but kilts cluster around you in a subtly different way than skirts. Anyway, a libertarian must want to see all gender specificity of costume destroyed. For you to claim every breach of it under transgender identity is obviously not going to make the gender associations disappear faster!

It has not been answered. That means they want to go on arrogantly flinging transgender labels around to suit themselves roughshod over what is important in other folks’ lives. 

Maurice Frank
6 Aug 2011