5 years jail if you make threats

“5 years jail if you make threats” a headline in today’s Metro.

A proposal by the minister of “public safety” in Scotland, Roseanna Cunningham, who back in the 90s said on radio “As a lawyer I know that many questions don’t have yes or no answers” – is that Scots (defined how? it probably referred to residents of Scotland) can be sent to jail for any recorded threatening remarks they make under certain categories of discrimination. They could be anywhere in the world when they made the threatening remarks.

Story says she told parliament it could be broadened to include “threats based on sexual orientation or disability that were recorded by any means such as a tape recorder.”

Now, a discriminatory threat against disability … should include threatening to do anything that goes against an aspies’ autism and overrides acknowledged needs.

12075076_10153735432073854_8643912967540054028_n       So we can expect to send to jail anyone who:

  • In a factional or bullying way excludes us from any group in the aspie scene. Exactly what Spectrum Fairness was always about. We can expect this new law to come and help make that security for us real, if we take this news literally.
  • Operates aspie services that are in any way social, including groups or drop-in time, with a territorial boundary on who is allowed to come to them that excludes any folks in regions without the same service. Like all the 8 “one stop shop” autism drop-in services have always been made to do.
  • Pushes us to take jobs that have dress codes, or recommends having the benefits system thus push us and not accept the biological damage done by dress codes.
  • Sets us homework.

Always watch discrimination like a hawk. It’s good what you can establish.