Youtube has introduced a power to block any member you like from commenting on your own video. Knowingly, as block powers like this always do, allowing you to FAKE the appearance that any nasty lie you like has gone unopposed.

This has allowed the advocate of child cruelty and slavery who posted this video to block anyone who points out that it is promoting child cruelty. So that anyone who watches the video under its dangerously alluring title of “Forgive her” does not get the thought put into their head that the video’s message is actually obscene.

It is from a kids’ ghost story made in Australia 1989, called “Elly and Jools”. The series portrays ghosts (1) as trapped close to one location, and (2) as only remaining on Earth until their purpose “moves on” and hence so do they, irreversibly, into some other afterlife located elsewhere.

The mum of this boy Jools intimidates his ghost girlfriend Elly to “move on”, using a threat that she will move the family away to separate the pair by force, and using openly racist type bigot hateful language telling the ghost girl “You don’t belong here.” Then in the scene shown, Jools’s dad is committing obscene child abuse by coercing him with threats to fake an outward show of forgiveness to his mum and acquiescence to what she has done. What mum has done, in removing Jools’s love irreversibly from the world, is obviously the same as murder. In the clip the coercing of acquiescence is even expressed by the dad in openly Nazi style language, “I haff vays”.

cbf9a60c-4a65-438c-8513-44389d02c84d That it is a fictional situation is not the point, it is the type of moralising TV show 12075076_10153735432073854_8643912967540054028_nthat intends its fictional scenes to guide behaviour in real scenes. Its guide is: group hate just like racism, removing someone irreversibly from the world just like murder, emotional enslavement of children, taunting intimidation, passivity and mind surrender for victims, and coerced shows of love towards abusers. Here is the comment that Youtube’s blocking system allows the video host to prevent appearing under it:

Jools’s mum is Satan and so is anyone who forgives her. Irreversibly in the way this show portrays ghosts, she has removed Jools’s love and soulmate from this world. Relative to Jools, in having her removed, that is the same as murdering her. Here we see child abuse, Jools enslaved and coerced into faking acquiescence towards his abuser and her agenda of cruelty. Among the most evil pieces of TV ever made.