British torture

The aspie scene’s concerns include conditions in mental institutions, the long unanswered question of how many folks with mental health diagnoses and under drugging regimes should have aspie diagnoses, the safety of encounters with the police when impaired communication can be taken as a sign of being suspicious, and the blatantly corrupt ignoring of case content and evidence in the court processes that led to Talha Ahsan’s deportation to America and its supermax solitary confinement jail system.

But breathe a bit easy, Britain has several centuries of fine reliable history of the rule of law and not doing torture, right? NO.

Absorb this Guardian excerpt from Cruel Britannia: A Secret History Of Torture, by Ian Cobain, published next month: .

From WW2 through Mau Mau Kenya and Irish internment to Diego Garcia after 911.Now a change the law is planned that would prevent evidence of complicity in torture being aired in the courts.

Put this on record. Autism alert card issuers, who include police forces, and the autism workers who serve as “personal contacts” to go on these cards, have a responsibility now to work out exactly how protected and safe we are from rendition and torture in any police situations we have, and to make it safe.