Susan Boyle: but a famous aspie does not mean all is right for us.

Let’s see. You’ve come for a look at what aspies are all about because you heard the news about Susan Boyle? Splendid: here’s what the media should be telling you. Are they?

  • Our heightened physical sensitivities, including to fabric and heat, are biologically incompatible with dress codes and make them an assault on our physical wellbeing. Our existence abolishes all work dress codes and school uniforms. This has been known for years and the big charities have not been choosing to push it.
  • Because some aspies find it easier to focus on the written word than the spoken, there is a correlation between aspies and child authors. There is a succession of books by aspie child authors, and there is a child cruelty offence done in long history of big charities’ total avoidance and failiure to publicise that there are WRONGED child authors, like me, whose chance to write was destroyed by harmful school pressures and homework.
  • With the big charities’ big failings to speak for us where needed, you can see how seriously we have needed the voice developed for us, to contribute into professional awareness and policymaking, by the AUTISM NETWORK SCOTLAND, developed out of Strathclyde University and now a part of the national strategy. It’s invaluable, and its creation is the great success of the scene in Scotland. So IT NEEDS COPYING IN EVERY COUNTRY. If you are outside Scotland do you think your aspies deserve not to have any ANS?
  • The NAS is to be complimented on attending properly to striking off its contact list a bent autism legal service that advised me to surrender in a dispute with a council tax malpractice where I was in the right by statute law and won. There needs to be a media consumer exposee of bent services that will prey on their clients instead of stand up to councils – you want to know more, you need it publicised.
  • Likewise you want to know that aspies’ local groups can’t be corrupted and seized control of by malpractisers bent on hushing up tbhe impact of a character who set folks up to experience discrimination. That is what happened to Phad’s now defunct group in Fife, see these posts from 2009 when it was starting to happen: A group’s members must never be censored from sending each other messages about any fairness problem and 2011 every aspie is free to remain in contact with the whole scene.
  • the same common sense that all the details should be published of the ways we have been harmed by schools and by child psychiatry. Aspie kids not safe until these things stopped, and how do you stop them unless you have heard widely what they are? In a safely non-deletable way on paper: for it’s no good putting them in an Amazon e-book where the site’s lawyers reserve a power to turn round and say, no no no, delete to be on the safe side. So the media are turning their backs on child safety unless they read this and chase after these things’ publishing.
  • Where competitive jobsearch utterly has never worked for us, the approach that works is to have aspie employment services who talk through both our strengths and our limitations with an employer to work out a working niche for us. But more ethical accountability upon these services is needed, to prevent the malpractice of them turning round and claiming that a third party problem that arises after you are in a job is not in their remit to deal with. By obvious definition, a remit to support employment automatically includes any problem that affects the work’s doability or the work environment’s justice in any way. 11351321_10153438742293854_251693088214416327_n This an item I am holding Edinburgh’s new local Autism Plan responsible to put right locally.

Maurice Frank
9 Dec 2013