Labelling of “at risk” by socal services

The Adult Support and Protection Act 2007 is supposed to create new duties against letting adults with problems including autism get into vulnerable situations such as financial taking advantage of.

Question-markIt is not supposed to put them into new vulnerable situations itself. Combined with mental health attitudes, whose grounds were not even disclosed, taken towards the victim, an Asperger diagnosis appears to have been used by social services in Aberdeenshire to pin a label of “at risk” upon an intelligent reasoning person who used to run a local CAB. Justice for Eric

This is disturbing to civil liberties. This label carries potential mental health powers including of removal from your home. This was done by a case conference where it was described as not beneficial for him to be present, so that he had no defence, and following a quicky home visit for ticking boxes. There appear to be no appeal routes nor easy obtaining of lawyers to fight off the potential powers over his life.

For Eric Davidson
7 Feb 2014.