BBC openly shows itself shutting a civil liberty question out of politics

For the month that this will be on i-player,, a Scottish election debate broadcast Apr 12, you can watch an issue get excluded from the content of politics and refused an answer, quite explicitly, by the broadcaster’s selection. It’s an issue that has affected a lot of autistic lives…

There is a question on mental health, which is a fashionable topic in politics right now. It is in progress when, at time 39:52, Claire Muir of Psychiatric Rights Scotland, who is a survivor of sectioning that was proved wrong after the event, raises the civil liberty question of mental health sectioning. She tells them about the United Nations, UNCRPD, now taking a position against forced mental health treatments, for their bad and traumatic outcomes in many cases, and seeking for all countries to abolish them. You then see the BBC presenter immediately switch the debate back to resources and stigma, so deciding that the point on forced treatment will not be answered, and she saves the 4 politicians from having to answer it. She directs them away from it.

And indeed, none of them do answer it. Citizens’ safety, your safety, from a loss of liberty, was shut out of politics, on open TV and by the broadcaster that never stops claiming worldwide admiration. Now do you still trust the BBC? or kid yourself other than that it is part of a political class, intentionally filtering and manipulating the range of issues to be recognised?