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A sad failure of a promotional group for a cause, to be more than a self-interested publicity machine and to actually support its own cause when a connected issue arises.

Europa United is a pro-EU site, by its own description “a media portal dedicated to the European project and institutions. All our articles and opinion pieces are our own publications.”

Its Facebook page is full of feelgood posts about Europe and the bonds betwen EU countries, dedicated to showing exactly what Britain is now set to lose, and dissuading others from following. Its main stock content is photos of open borders. Often it shows photos simply of particular cities and the day’s weather in them. It has welcomed and been interested in topical comments on politics, when it has made posts following developments with Brexit or with Scotland’s difficulty.

Yet it chose to wipe a post about the Gatwick Airport scandal.

Airport fairness, trustability to use airports without risk of costly disaster, is directly to do with barriers between countries. It concerns travel between EU members, and particularly between its island members and the continent. Unjust practice in the airport boarding process adds to barriers between countries, deters travel, so helps to pull Europe apart and works against what Europa United wants. Yet they have decided to hold that this is not an EU issue, and to call themselves not the right place for it. Even though they admit the scandal needs publicising!!

This is completely contradictory of their own cause. It shows the cynical pattern seen too often in politics, which contributes to distrust in politics which we know was a cause of the vote for Brexit. Publicity machines that just want to publicise a calculated package of feelgood stuff to and don’t want to deal with ordinary society’s real problems or take positions on them. Even when taking positions on them directly advances their own cause, it is a terrain outside their self-interested comfort zone.

Compare it with, indeed, posting about it on here when you might ssk what directly it has to do with autism. It has to do with the Gatwick airport scandal, the previous item posted here, and that had partly to do with attitudes to autism, and to groups of air psssengers who need tolerant handling and clarity.

DisdainIng like this the real practical grassroots problems faced in holding the EU together, indicates to grassroots society not to trust them. Not to suppose they have anything worth hearing. It is actively counterproductive to popularising the EU, for a publicity machine to exist that is not willing to get into consumer pressure to solve grassroots practical problems with European ties. Until they change their character it is there for their foes the Brexiters to seize on and make campaigning capital from. That is what they have chosen instead of SIMPLY to do consumer good in defence their own ordinary supporters’ practical access to the European ties it wanted to encourage them to value !!!!!!!!

Selfish absurd and angering.

The air passengers of Europe
6 Jan 2017