“Children’s Services Coalition”; on CAMHS

On Feb 7 this so-called coalition wrote to all the Scottish papers, flagging up that it was “pleased to support” god-awful PR deception “Children’s Mental Health Week.”

      Its letter was signed by a list of member organisations:

    • Spark of Genius
    • Who Cares Scotland
    • Kindred Scotland
    • Young Foundations
    • Action For Sick Children Scotland.

NONE of these replied to an objection sent to them.

That shows it’s fake PR. In the papers they were on about: awareness – the standard word, acts of kindness, waiting times, accessibility – as if it’s something you want to access, and to trust.

Not answered: sectioning, services that pick and force issues of their own choosing tbat not the issue the child came to them with, the consequent dangerousness to families of approaching child mental health services, and are they doing anything to put a stop to this?

They were asked to denounce Blackadder too and have ignored that. Why? Because on the coalition’s own site, their letter is headed with an extraordinary hypocritical quote from Stephen Fry, about kindness. “The greatness of kindness” One of the cast of TV that made a hate attack on the safety and mental distress of kids in school, nationally, wants without questioning on it, to be regarded as a spokesman for kindness.

Pull the other one. That’s the same Stephen Fry as just 10 months ago got into trouble for accusing sexual abuse survivors of self-pity, and in offensive sneers about “your uncle touched you in a nasty place” 

that are the polar opposite of kindness. Any child wellbeing campaigner who associates Stephen Fry with kindness is a harmful liar.

28 Feb 2017

Mar 22: After totally ignoring the above, and with the Fry link still on their page, they wrote to the papers again, backing up Barnardo’s’ call for a review into the rate and grounds of CAMHS turning cases away. The review would knowingly endanger children, a crime, if it works on the basis of assuming that CAMHS is good. It has an automatic duty to include looking at the evidence that CAMHS can be dangerous to kids and the ones whose referrals were not accepted may be lucky.