a call for an aggravated crimes law for us

In Britain a petition, for hate crime towards autistics and motivated against autism to be counted as aggravated crime against a minority, on the same terms as crimes of racism or against LGBT do now. www.change.org/p/uk-parliament-make-autistic-hate-crime-as-punishable-as-racism?recruiter=54955655&utm_source=share_petition&utm_medium=facebook&utm_campaign=autopublish&utm_term=des-lg-no_src-no_msg

It is needed as there have been some hate crimes where contemptuous macho thugs have committed serious assaults.

Because autism includes issues with failing to make good eye contact, another great thing this measure would help to suppress is yob aggression over being looked at. “You looking at me?” is a notorious dangerous trigger in thick thugs: it comes from the animal instinct to find eye contact a threat. It’s not only muscular male thugs now too ! It is also now dangerously used by malicious women to tar men with the hint of harrassment, part of the PC prejudice to make men live in social fear, apologise for existing, and expediently take the blame and the penalising for social collisions that an aggressive woman started.

But mishandling eye contact is an important part of autism. So this measure (if applied logically in practice) could start to roll back that one-sidedness.

Much of the emotionally savage and gratuitously violent and gory “alternative comedy” style of the 80s-90s, that was exactly like it was being made by school bullies, yet whose makers fancied themselves virtuous cultural leaders against Thatcher! would become unmakeable and a buried piece of bad history, by this measure. That is an absolute passion in favour of a social reform like this. For what this measure seeks to prevent, through a caring awareness of innate vulnerabilities, is exactly the type of dangerous treacherous bleak coldly cutthroat society that alternative comedy gloried in and endorsed.

17 May 2017




local groups folding

Independently organised aspie local societies are declining: the opposite of what needs to be. In Scotland an aspie who has followed the fortunes of local groups, and noticed their disappearance now in Aberdeen and Dumfries, pinpointed a disturbing reason for this cycle:

” all round Britain AS support groups had started, and folded when their members were tired of one another. ”  !

WHAT THE HELL SORT OF FOLKS WITH SERIOUS CARING FOR THERE TO BE AN ASPIE SCENE GET TIRED OF ONE ANOTHER? What sorts of members of a population with a communication difficulty do it, when getting tired of each other is such a horrible thing to do and increases vulnerability? Where do they go when they peter out of bothering with a group and disappear from the scene: when they “go back into the woodwork” as it is called rhetorically? Folks with communication troubles, for whom existing in mainstream society is harder, to turn their back on their fellows?

The Aberdeen group was supposed to be run and sustained by the NAS after it shut down, after far too brief an existence, the One Stop Shop service it had been contracted to run there. That is an ethical shocker in self-serving abandonment of a served population, downsizing and retreat, by a big organisation. It is like the discontinuing of bus services that had replaced closed down rural railways. The same unreliability of tokenistic relict services. THAT’S WHY AS MANY INDEPENDENTLY ORGANISED LOCAL SOCIETIES AS POSSIBLE NEED TO KEEP GOING, because big organisations can’t be trusted: in what they say on our behalf, giving us our own say, how fairly they run things, and whether they damn bother to continue to run at all even the services that get contracted to them.use now sadly a dispute over corrupt breaching of fairness and of the trust ethic when giving personal support, has obliged its chair to leave office, with no neutral replacement available from in its own regularly attending membership: so it has had to become chaired by One Stop Shop workers from Autism Initiatives.

red-book-vector-illustration_47051638                                treedamage-peotone

THE EFFORT TO RUN LOCAL GROUPS CONSCIENTIOUSLY FAIRLY WILL MAKE A DIFFERENCE: with constitutions guaranteeing every member against arbitrary or gratuitous rejection, or corrupt or instant judgment in disputes, and to defend themselves on the red line of perpetual entitlement to personal fairness. And the standard protections for minority groups that the present era can be so proud of. If normal treacherous social behaviours happen, group dynamics typical of the neurotypical world, then any autistic may reasonably tire of experiencing it, and feel emotionally fearful or threatened. It is ethically unacceptable for anyone helping to run a local able autism society, to say that any unfair social behaviours have to be accepted as a reality of people. It is even more unacceptable to use the word “unfortunately” attached to this, a word routinely used as a device for betraying fairness and asserting that injustices shall happen.

In a crisis for local groups, the national networking provided by Aspie Village continues to be an inspired necessity to hold the British aspie scene together nationally, in the core numbers of us interested in that. To revive local groups, let alone grow them into a network they always dreamed, requires exactly the conscientiousness for fairness, that this site was created for just because it matters morally at personal level. the project of an Autistic Groups Fairness Watch is grandly vindicated, as a necessity to keep our whole scene going successfully.

Maurice Frank
12 May 2017