survey on bad treatments and therapies

The Westminster Commission on Autism is not as parliamentary as it sounds. Its name seems to be a way of stating that its interest is at all-British level. It is a self-constituted group of professionals.

Its aim to influence policy and practice mirrors the Autism Network Scotland‘s, but the key difference is that this Commission lacks any regular belonging participation by ordinary aspie grassroots. It is a point from where that model could be started, to do for grassroots voicing in England what ANS has in Scotland – but is it interested?

It is showing a good interest at present in getting some grassroots voice by doing this survey, into bad treatments and medicines. Good to pass on the link for it: it’s a very worthwhile campaigning study. – their blog page introducing it – the actual survey.


But there is a rather silly problem with this survey. It expects short answers in boxes the questions which in fact will take long answers and serious thinking time, for any caring participant to answer properly. So they are quite wrong to estimate doing the survey in 15 minutes !

Doing the survey properly will require: dipping into it first to appreciate what the questions are, thinking out and writing your answers saved in draft somewhere, then going back to the survey and copying them in.

It’s not quite designed right to enccourage easy and informative responses for them.

28 Sep 2017