Fairness in every situation ever! stands cited

The following statement, about the national autism strategy, NOW AND FOR A WEEK PAST stands publicly flyered around in the Bridges region of Edinburgh:

By making a crime report by this route: the autism strategy workers are responsible to report it to the authorities but also responsible themselves, for the strategy work to meet the protection items raised.

This clearly ties the strategy, and through it the authorities, TO AUTOMATIC HAVING TO ACT ON THIS CASE. And with it, and as part of it, TO PURSUE EVERY CORRUPTION CASE IN the Ordinary Life Too book. This is obviously far better than just to report this case directly to authorities having a choice not to act on it. It establishes this obligation as part of the pattern of organising + planning the services for all social groups with needs – that the police, social care depts, OSCR, all the authorities to do with safety + vulnerability, stand in perpetual duty TO ONLY EVER ALWAYS GIVE THE ANSWER THAT UPHOLDS PERSONAL FAIRNESS, TO EVERYTHING EVER. They cease to have discretion not to.

See what that cites publicly? The police cease to bave discretion to choose any other way than the way that upholds and defends personal fairness, in ANY SITUATION EVER. Let’s see that widely recorded shared passed on and cited, so that it’s known so that the state stands held to it in practice.

They cease to be entitled to: be noncommittal, use words like “unfortunately” to assert an unfair position, or call it “their decision”, or declare a logically faultable position their final/closing word, ABOUT ANYTHING EVER FOR EVER, and the suable and world human rights statuses of groups with needs places it beyond governments’ or parliaments’ power ever to undo this: it binds them successively. It becomes constitutional.


Imagine excitedly what this means for the safety of liberty – already just at the stage of citing and circulating the claim, this action makes us all an increment safer. Then imagine when this is fully functional, what it means for forcing that something fair actually gets done about all the cases of bad sites that are reported on this site. The type of future safety it promises you, is that no forum site could keep Gerry Duffy as a moderator and play the trick of leaving the question pending to answer perpetually so that it never gets answered. ANY SITE THAT DOES THAT KNOWS IT IS AN OFFENCE OF ENDANGERING VULNERABLE EMOTIONS.

2 Mar 2018