Hans Asperger controversy necessitates fair forums

The new Nazi scandal burst around Hans Asperger gives a critical importance to this site’s cause: uncorrupted fair functioning of forum sites + the whole autistic scene.
(1) Because the personal decision what medical labels each spectrumite is now willing to carry is a highly ethical issue of deep wellbeing when it involves what each feels their label to state connection to.
(2) Because what has been called for? a debate.  “We expect these findings to spark a big conversation among the 700 000 autistic people in the UK and their family members,” as the British reports quote NAS’s Carol Povey, who herself committed a stopping of answering upon me concerning NAS’s duty to publicly acknowledge the existence of wronged child authors.

It is a matter of wellbeing and abuse if any misuses of power, and any personal backstabbings, happen anywhere in this conversation. THE CONVERSATION HAS NOT HAPPENED PROPERLY OR HONESTLY UNLESS EVERY ITEM EXPOSED ON THIS SITE, ABOUT ANY AUTISTIC SITE OR GROUP, HAS BEEN STOPPED !

Thus it can not happen ethically safely and validly on any site that has Gerry Duffy as a moderator and has parked as pending perpetually the question of removing him: or on Asperclick whose owner never answered after promising to concerning this approach to moderating.

So that now stands an undeniable worldwide law interest + significance for the self-voicing autistic scene’s fairness standards.

21 Apr 2018