Place2Be hidden wall against critical email

The child mental health charity Place2Be basks in media approval through the PR endorsement of royalty. Yesterday it was in TV news, pushing for kids troubled at school to turn to it.

Despite all of Savile, this is a present case of the media acting dangerously towards kids. They don’t mention the danger in turning to any proffered source of mental health support – the danger of loss of liberty, of coming under arrogant doctors with power to apply for compulsory treatment powers, and who can consider it healthy that they should take over the child’s whole personality and dictate for personal changes that are nothing to do with why the child came to them.

So to be seen taking care for child safety, Place2Be has to be open to enquiry from the public. It gives an appearance of so being, by having this whole pageful of email contacts.

No one else than the number who are personally driven to actually mail them, will know that these addresses bounce! They return emails as, it’s even a really rude wording: Email rejected due to security policies.

By this invisible wall it is protected, unless you spend money on recording a paper mail, from ever being recorded to receive questions about safety from forced treatments for the kids who turn to them.

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Look at this #BeingOurselves ! That is exactly what doctors too often have not let troubled kids be. THAT’S WHY THIS MATTERS !

27 Apr 2018