Autistic Stories v concept of “losers”: Wrong Planet

In any setting that is in any way about emotional support at all, responsibility against suicidality enforces basic civilised kindness. An obvious axiom thus enforced is that the concept of “losers” is evil, a concept used by bullies, so must never be used.

Autistic Stories is a newly started paid for video channel, announced and developed by Wrong Planet. By its self-description it is meant to be good for our self-esteem, to show our coping and managing of life. “Living with autism, thriving with autism, succeeding with autism.” So, to work exactly oppositely than that type of bullies.

maxresdefault So it only carries any credence, it is only a message with any reality to it, if Wrong Planet itself matches that standard in how it works its forum. And at present, it’s not.

Autistic Stories is only a genuine message, with any credence to be worth watching, if and when Wrong Planet does not allow the concept of “losers”. REMEMBERING THAT THIS MATTERS AGAINST SUICIDE. When every complaint against every use of the word “loser” in the context of social relationships has an AUTOMATIC RIGHT to be upheld and no mod/admin is ever ALLOWED EVEN IN THEORY the power to close the report without any comment.

When the WP participant who reports a use of “losers” can never receive the message:
The report you filed” .. “was handled by a moderator or by an administrator.
The report was afterwards closed. If you have further questions contact
XFilesGeek with a personal message.”

24 Nov 2018