Autistic Inclusive Meets Community Group AIM

It’s a Facebook group, at present public. It has announced this, and some folks with a dangerous overconfidence against social maltreatment have posted welcoming it.

If you are ableist, racist or LGBTQIA negative you will be banned from commenting.

You will be given NO platform and no right of answer.

Thank you.

WHAT? You will be accused and not allowed to defend, you will be treated dictatorially. Announced that openly ! d9b24275-1025-4354-8edd-14c4f9adb121

THIS IS PURGE CULTURE! The page’s host is reported as Emma Dalmayne. Thanks to a concerned reader of it for passing this on.

AIM’s page announces it “a new organisation for the support of autistic adults and parents/carers of autistic children. Against autistic mistreatment.” BUT BANS AND REJECTIONS DECIDED ON UNILATERALLY AND IGNORING A DEFENCE, ARE A PARTICULARLY STRONG AUTISTIC MALREATMENT !!!

20 Dec 2018


Autistics Worldwide, TAC

This line was posted on Facebook today, 9 Dec 18, in a discussion of how much exclusion problem is there in the autistic scene –

Autistics Worldwide and The Autistic Cooperative (TAC) are still groups who exclude other autistics based on their personal and individual preferences. They are both run by pretty much the same group.