Autistic Inclusive Meets Community Group AIM

It’s a Facebook group, at present public. It has announced this, and some folks with a dangerous overconfidence against social maltreatment have posted welcoming it.

Autistic Inclusive Meets Community Group AIM

Yesterday at 12:00

If you are ableist, racist or LGBTQIA negative you will be banned from commenting.

You will be given NO platform and no right of answer.

Thank you.


WHAT? You will be accused and not allowed to defend, you will be treated dictatorially. Announced that openly ! witch-trials

THIS IS PURGE CULTURE! The page’s host is reported as Emma Dalmayne. Thanks to a concerned reader of it for passing this on.

AIM’s page announces it “a new organisation for the support of autistic adults and parents/carers of autistic children. Against autistic mistreatment.” BUT BANS AND REJECTIONS DECIDED ON UNILATERALLY AND IGNORING A DEFENCE, ARE A PARTICULARLY STRONG AUTISTIC MALREATMENT !!!

20 Dec 2018

More of it 23 Mar 2019:
” Please do not come onto this page promoting CBD oil use for autistic children, you will be banned immediately. “

*HOW did the banned person know that this would be AIM’s reaction? That person posted before this notice had been put up! That again us purge culture, and to expect instinctive knowing is a breach of autism.
As a non-pinned post on a busy Facebook page, quickly receding from new readers’ sight, how will new readers know the rule either?

AIM also does morally wrong Autistic Pride Day, ignoring the wellbeing reasons given on here not to do it. [2021 note: still doing it even when it’s a public gathering in the pandemic time.]