an overdose survivor’s message on group rejection needs saving permanently

This comes from mental health rather than autism, but the parts of mental health that most often have a bearing on autism: anxiety, self-worth, dealing with groups. Particularly, social anxiety.

The “Icarus Project” you find from a google, describes itself as: “a support network and education project by and for people who experience the world in ways that are often diagnosed as mental illness. We advance social justice by fostering mutual aid practices that reconnect healing and collective liberation. ” – Surely logically, that sounds like an ethic against rejection ! It even has a logo containing the words “You are not alone.”

But a review on its Facebook page, posted 30 Dec 2018 so is very recent, told of having strong social anxiety and actually getting rejected on a first visit, to an Icarus Project group in New York, and immediately as a result, attempting suicide by overdose.

The reviewer, the survivor of that story of exactly what this site is about preventing, writes an ethical call to all readers and a clearly wished wide audience. So it is clearly not a breach of her privacy, it is clearly in the spirit of what she writes, to pass it on and give it wider reach. All who are ever tempted to be cynical about social welcome and inclusion need to hear this. It needs saving onto permanent record.

It may not permanently be there on the fb page. Sympathetic critics of Icarus Project have posted arguing against the page’s existence and point. While that is supportive of her experience, it risks loss of her words from the record. So record them here.

Always remember this, all be impressed by this:

” If I could get them advice I’d say to make a policy to never turn anyone away because you never know what people are going through even if they are smiling because they need you and want you to like them. Also if you are in a group setting and you seeing someone being turned away please say something, be someone’s hero, they need you more than you’ll ever know. “

19 Jan 2019