statistics don’t have agendas

Public Facebook group Speak out Against Psychiatry wishes its important awareness message to grow ever more public in its reach.


This post from Denmark, Jun 25, gives info massively worth circulating worldwide:

Statistics Don’t Have Agendas

I’d like to share with everyone a horrifying fact from my country.

Here, they keep meticulous records of things, and in the last 18 years, a sobering result has come about:

2200 to 3000 people die in active psychiatric treatment every year. It’s listed as their official cause of death.

Yet, only 600 people die of suicide each year.

No matter what your stance on psychiatry is, those numbers alone tells us, we’re doing something so wrong, it can’t be overlooked anymore.

The ultimate argument for psychiatry is usually something surrounding suicide, and how psychiatry is believed to be responsible for people not killing themselves.

Well, I don’t know about other places, but here in Denmark, 6 people die in psychiatry for every one person that commits suicide.

Is that really considered an acceptable tradeoff?