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treedamage-peotone with these quotes on covered-up crimes against learning disabled patients + more strongly autistic teenagers, in the secure unit system. The story comes from an anonymous nurse whistleblower.  It needs to hit the public more than they usually hear.

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  • 2 dozen distraught families – some breaking gagging orders – who have told how their children have been taken from them for years and stuck inside unsuitable secure units that only lead to mental deterioration.
  • there were 4 members of staff who did not like him, so they wound him up and he became abusive in response.
  • They said he was putting it on and left him there for 2 days. Only when the consultant came in was he sent to hospital, where they found his top 2 vertebrae were broken.
  • she was then asked to cover up the incident by colleagues. “I was supposed to say it was an accident and there had been proper restraint methods used. I refused, so they made it impossible for me to work and I quit.”
  • one man with Down’s syndrome who loved drawing would have his crayons hidden by staff to infuriate him
  • “I tell parents they should never seek help from the system because they will lose control of their child,” Elaine said. Ask for help and you risk losing your child.”
  • asked for 3 days’ respite help only to have his autistic son locked away for 3 years so far.
  • children as young as 13 were being incarcerated in secretive secure units

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posted 23 Nov 2019