Asperclick shuts down for no longer being friendly !

On Dec 3 the host of Asperclick forum, Willow Marsden, announced its closure on Dec 31 WHAT A NEMESIS THAT SHE IS CRYING THAT IT HAS STEADILY STOPPED BEING A FRIENDLY PLACE l

That after her own conniving at corrupt moderation, the moderation literally being by a family and as a place of personal ownership, allowed this to happen. Was exactly going to make it happen.

She writes in her announcement: “After much thought, I have decided to close the forum. The doors will officially close on December 31st. It hasn’t been the happy, friendly place I created for a long time now. I cannot regain or recreate that feeling that people miss so much; so many original members left here feeling that it had done its job and they were in a better place”. Yeah that last bit: it’s completely implausible that lots of folks would leave a forum because being in it has helped them! The occasional character might do tbat illogicality, but not a consistent trend of folks. They left because it was not working for them.

Why was it not working for them? Because it was an all-too-typical online tyranny. Because members could be backstabbed by moderators against the site’s notional rules and without the moderator having to answer to that. Because Willow could make false promises of eventual answers about it the break them and never answer. Because the moderator whose back she would cover by that dirty politics would be another of her family.

This was all detailed here in 2015, in post Asperclick: Mod who punishes victims. The moral nemesis that Asperclick set itself on course for then has taken 4 years but has been the steady logical process that Willow’s grief shows. Morally satisfying and deserved that it has come, after her manipulatively promised answer never came.

3 Dec 2019