CAMHS “mental fitness” course

Children in Scotland – not actually children in Scotland, but an organisation by that name. It organises the Scottish parliament’s public “cross-party group” meetings on child policy. It hosts and sells many day courses on matters of psychology or law to do with kids.

On 14 Jan 2020: CiS sent to its mailing list a notice of a day course on “Mental Fitness for children, young people and staff.”  Most of its courses on mental health are by visiting practitioners from elsewhere trading on what they do and insights from it. This one is different, it’s by CiS itself. Teaching you to “support the mental fitness of children and young people.”

Same day, enquiry: Do you agree that mental fitness is not produced, EVER,

  • by dictating to kids to make personal changes of habit + lifestyle choice, of their own characters, on other items than the item that brought them to the worker’s notice ?
  • by telling kids you are going “to get you in here and change you” ?

Jan 16, CiS replied: Thank you for your email and interest in our learning and events programme. All of our trainers are well qualified and experienced in supporting children and young people in the areas in which they provide training.You are very welcome to attend any of the events, and can book via the weblinks in the email you received or by emailing the team on [etc]

download (1)  That is clearly not an answer to the question asked. In selling trainers “well qualified and experienced in supporting children and young people”, they have not said that they are never in favour of dictating to child psychiatry patients on their personal lifestyle choices, or of declaring “to get you in here and change you.”

With autism awareness evidencing the harm and cruelty done by those violations of personal liberty, not answering them is not good enough for child safety.