Zoom’s world unaccountability

Further to the previous item on Zoom. It has sent out, apparently to everyone in the world with any kind of pending communication, a circular claiming the emergency as preventing it answering any enquiries. So that all tbe folks plunged into the worldwide surge for using  Zoom and finding there are often technical problems with it are just left swimming in them.

As you see, technical enquiries at the emergency’s start in March, never answered at tbe time or since, have now just been unilaterally designated as closed.

Throughout the web, with Facebook and Wrong Planet both places where it has affected spectrumites, the device used by big sites to have bad accountability has been to have a system of ticketed enquiries clased as open or closed, and arrange for itself or its own admins to be able to formally close enquiries, closing off further answer to them, after not answering them properly or at all. A device that is always a misuse of power and exploits the vulnerability of every person solitarily having any problem.


6 May 2020