Black lives, police autism training – US border control

WeMove Europe has provided a solidarity petition on George Floyd, for a weight of public numbers in Europe to internationalise successful results to the big #BlackLivesMatter campaign. Its main purpose is numbers momentum, but its accidental virtue is that it lets you write in your own piece.

Also this is the one to sign because it has no trap, as Avaaz had, of forcing you to join + subscribe to it by the act of signing. Avaaz is a self-interested machine, and as well as being sneaky that way to make folks join it, it has always ignored a shocking human rights issue around US border control and arrests. What I wrote about that attached to my signature for WeMove Europe, needs to stand publicly shared, you can write it too if you like. It holds the US campaigners on #BlackLivesMatter and police practices accountable to their international supporters, to include the border issue in their campaign. Autism is part of the case:

《  Politically tainted policing exists worldwide, and another group who it may happen to more are undiagnosed autistics, as authoritarian characters react badly to autistic social presentation. So the late diagnosed have had this in our prediagnosed lives, and probably at a higher rate for the black ones too. This is only redressed by absolute upholding of the presumption of innocence. All the US activists owe, to every signer + supporter from other countries, and their entire campaign is only genuine if they do it: to include in the demanded police reforms an end to US border control being allowed to judge foreign visitors from innocent arrests, ask “Have you ever been arrested or convicted” as a single question, and treat innocent arrests as criminal records. This, not ended even by Obama, is obviously a direct violation of the oldest of all human rights that the West claims its wars to stand for, yet is never challenged by any Western media or by governments of the close allies whose ordinary people are subject to this. Any state in fact violates its own citizens’ human right to presumption of innocence by having any formal relations and treaties with the US so long as this system exists. The black lives who matter include all the folks from here, of any colour but likely to include a disproportion of black, who either have never been convicted of anything or have had a corrupt conviction overturned, yet still have a worse status for entering the US and a likelihood of denied entry for being the innocent party in a past encounter with malpractising police.   》