Men’s fairness if nail painting eases bad stimming?

This is a Youtube video in Shalom Lavender’s series, of Jun 20. This one is on stimming, plus at the end a signing appeal for the Matthew Rushin campaign, a serious Black Lives Matter case on contrived criminal interpretations of a car crash.

The main part of the video is on the health needs around autistic stimming, stimulatory physical actions that can look socially unusual. It strikingly points out that ordinary NT folks have stim habits too, like hands through hair, or unseen small desk tapping. Autistic ones just hit a more socially noticeable scale.

The videoer raised that it is bad to have stims that are damaging or injurious to skin. She regards her own nail biting as one of these. This video by a woman, probably never thinking of men’s cultural oppression, mentioned PAINTING/POLISHING OF NAILS as a coping strategy for this.

  • Mentioned at 2:08 – “So I get around that by painting my nails, so then I feel like they are too pretty to ruin.”
  • Mentioned at 8:44 – “So far I have tried with nail polish, and that works when I do feel really anxious,” deterring the biting.

20180518_225616Obviously, MEN, including STRAIGHT MEN, have a right of gender parity to paint nails for exactly the same purpose, without social oppression. By accident, Shalom has created a resource, that instantly criminalises for maltreating the physical needs of autism, every last person in the whole of society who retains any attitude at all against men painting nails ! Flag this resource for use thus: don’t miss doing it !!