Ipsos Mori opinion polling


What does this experience of an Ipsos Mori politics phone poll say for the credence of all their politics polls? Polls whose demographic is only the folks whò will passively take pushing around by the caller including arrogant ignorement of being short of time, are obviously not a true demographic of society. This caller ended the call and called me hostile just because I said “okay OKAY” to stop him giving a long winded repetitive spiel about the poll instead of keeping to the questions, ignoring that I had said at start I was relatively short of time.

An issue with communication automatically means care is needed to communicate with me logically, making rational sense. Any denial of that duty would be discrimination.

Ipsos Mori’s Scottish politics poll called me at 17:50 on Oct 7, and by fluke, caught me in shortly before going out for the evening, and shortly before becoming older than the 16 to 54 age range they were polling. I have complained to Ipsos Mori that I was treated completely illogically + penalised for its caller’s own miscommunication, which does not make an honest poll . It is a wrong corrupt way to deal with any phone polled person. To an autistic person it was a discrimination, which is even worse for the poll’s validiy. Tthe only answer that is not another discrimination is for Mori to agree it was wrong, committally not noncommittally.

First he seemed to say that the call was recorded, though later he said he could not listen to any recording. If there is a recording, I waive any confidentiality needed to allow investigators to listen to it, to hear how he conducted it.

As written to Ipsos Mori – When he asked me the most important issue in Scottish politics, he was stuck to categorise my answer, put it under “other” then said, how would I express it? Yet I had already given an answer, so what was he asking for now? You want me to think of a precis of my answer? No, he was asking me for the same answer again, for no reason ever explained, + when I tried to refer him back to the answer already given, that was when he said he had no recording. So I gave the answer again, then seemingly as a thanks for it he went straight off into a very long-winded spiel about the poll’s purpose. But this is after, at start I had said I did not have much time, soon to go out, + he had promised the call would only take 10 minutes! But now he was going round in circles, insistently reciting at least 3 different angles of spiel on the same thing, instead of continuing the questions.

So perfectly logically, to try to stop him + express time urgency, at a pause for response moment I said “okay OKAY!” Instantly he accused me of being hostile to him, + suggested that he should end the call. I said I was simply trying to prevent wasted time, + he ignored this, + in more long-winded recital he stuck to the charge of hostility, while “I’ve been perfectly courteous to you”, + asserted that he was ending the call.

To instantly start calling you hostile as soon as you have any collision at all, is a notorious unfair device used in modern corporate bullying, in business + by officials. It is a discrimination against standing up for yourself, an approach that only takes submission as amicable. No opinion poll conducted with that practice is fit. To suffer a termination of call so intemperately + not-listeningly of course creates hostility from that experience: in that way it is self-fulilling. It is also corporate bullying to declare yourself courteous when you have plainly not been. It is discourteous, very rude, to ignore the person’s statement of being relatively short of time, + despite it, insistently keep speaking to them in long-winded recitals of repetitive spiels about the poll instead of get on with the questions. Then it is discourteous to take as hostility a resulting “okay OKAY!” prod to return to the questions, and discourteous not to listen or budge to getting told that the called person wanted to save time. it is unfair polling as well as discourteous, to actually end a call for these things.

Polls confined to folks who passively accept unnecessary long-windedness even when they have limited time, + ignorement of them saying so, are not of a real demographic. All your polls stand invalid unless you say how handling calls like that is prevented + not allowed to happen.

Maurice Frank
8 Oct 2020