Any PRIDE DAYS from rejecty sources: human rights legal challenge

The submission to a human rights process, posted here fortuitously recently, was not proposals. It was stronger than that. It was a case made of human rights law, hence a resource of human rights law too, for all to use and refer to. This is because it shows from already existing human rights that they include definable further ones.

The human rights case it creates, that we and all minority groups are only spoken for by organisations with strong ethics of reliable personal inclusion, not organisations that practice or defend selective rejection, is an ethical landmark. The whole autistic scene with any serious missions of advocacy or campaigning on legal matters, hence has a legally measurable duty to welcome it and to apply it: a duty to our human rights, and to our safe support, at the seriousness level of preventing suicides.


The items it applies to include pride days, and all proposals for new ones. There is at present a proposal or bid circulating, to start a new pride day,: “Weird Pride Day”. Ethically I did not name it here at original time of posting,, in order not to risk giving it any help, and before it and any observances of it had been shown accountable to this human rights threshold. I only edited the name in when its actual day had arrived. This is because it comes from a source who has sided with easy rejection and with having a purge-happy intolerant scene: who is always at liberty to change from that position, and has not.

The submission already provides a human rights grounds and leverage at the levels of serious responsibility to suicide prevention, to put an end to Autistic Pride Day. It establishes it to be a emotional abuse of vulnerability, and liably for it, for any spectrumite ever to see our scene go pursuing observance of a pride day that comes from a source that has given them a rejection experience. Autistic Pride Day has already done that suicide-risking scandal of selfush uncaringness and crowd psychology damningly opposite to autism’s reputation! to every victim of the capricious tyranny that was Aspies For Freedom. The submission creates the human rights defences to stop any autism activist saying “but hasn’t it just seeped into the culture?” as one at 2018 Autscape was calculatingly evil enough to argue straight over abused autistics’ bodies in the gutter. It’s “Nothing about us without us” for them too!

It creates these same protections against the ethical wrong of this proposed “Weird Pride Day”, and any new proposed pride day according to its source. Thankfully the first attempted Weird Pride Day has been a clanging flop, and indeed the idea got adverse reactions from autistics who have peer group oppression memories of labelling as weird, found it a negative hostile label and insult and want no chosen association with it. But in a nastily duvided autistic scene, it would be dangerous to assume that has safely squashed the idea.

The autistic activist scene worthy of any regard, and trustable in important legal campaigns like Neuroclastic‘s, now have their legal credence for all purposes ever, publicly liably tied in to this responsibility, towards all pride days, according to who invented them. Attached to it, mutually enforcing it, is their ethical duty to all their own folks, all spectrumites, to welcome the human righrs submission: make it a reference point in their work, and apply the standard it achieves. Witnessed by all, it is an abuse of vulnerability upon many spectrumites, an exploitative action showing bad ethics and scruples in all who do it, to have anything to do with observing Autistic Pride Day, or at present the proposed Weird Pride Day either. Only to treat both as ethically banned meets these known responsibilities against personal harm.

Maurice Frank
9 Feb 2021, revised Mar 3 to 5