You know how important facts are sometimes unpublishable ? A quote to remember all your life: “There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” – Maya Angelou.

  • Hans Asperger controversy by affecting wellbeing so deeply ethically, requires discussing only in anuncorrupted unbullied scene, and to make that possible exactly requires upholding this site’s mission !
  • a definitive call from a survivor, that you are needed more than you may know, to support anyone who you see a group rejection happen to. Defines this site’s point. Record it, always remember it, always be impressed.
  • Wikipediocracy: participative site exposing Wikipedia and giving a forum outlet to everyone hurt by its infighting, frequently unfair administrating, and telling participants they are not entitled to anything. v Wikipedia Sucks, a new forum that thinks the ‘ocracy has undermined itself by letting ‘pedia admins in to join its debate.
  • The “don’t understand” Trick a particularly nasty human behaviour, often by groups. Important to be aware that anyone trying to get heard about fairness is up against this trick. The Emperor’s New Clothes reinterpreted pessimistically.

These items are tops and need to stick out at the top.
Okay, here is the site contents:

! Stories shared on unfairness in autistic and ADHD groups and sites:

! Posts about troubles in other groups or services affecting autistic folks:

  • British Transport Police‘s answer for Network Rail on the staring terror, after a poster seen in a Network Rail station too showed it was national. Important protections gained from acknowledgement of the need to take account of autistic factors and features, in this.
  • public transport posters against staring, seen in a YouTube video on the London tube, are the latest unreasonable terror in the sexual harrassment witch-hunting. It’s a discrimination against both autism and PTSD, which can carry slow processing of eye movement.
  • Spectrum10K, the autism research megaproject by Cambridge lobbied into a pause and reconsultation by some spectrumites’ feelings towards it. But whose? A use of a human rights submission to establish that Cambridge must not let our scene’s rejecty high-handed  militants and language tyrants dominate Spectrum10K”s rethink.
  • Science teaching, school and uni, the autistic unsuitability of its puzzle type work questions and making ability predictions. A success from putting this to an active new Astronomer Royal for Scotland.
  • Covid tracing systems’ functioning entitles us never to suffer any social injustice at all, because trauma stress’s impact makes it impossible to keep to the guidance face and mask touching, so increases infectivity!
  • The international Black Lives Matter campaign on policing, these words attached to a petition signature tie it to include the issue of US border violating presumption of innocence after arrests. Encounters with police and arrests are a top autustic issue, as the Neuroclastic site is writing a lot on.
  • Zoom videoconferencing during Covid-19. Not everyone can access it, by random technical luck. A duty against exclusion for all groups thinking of using Zoom to deal with that; and then with its dismissive shutdown of all technical enquiries !
  • “Mental Fitness” course by Children in Scotland a day course on child mental health, whose organiser won’t say that it is wrong for health workers and psychiatry units ever to dictate kids’ personal choices.
  • Commission on Ethical Standards in Public Life an idealistically titled regulator of councillors, MSPs, and local public body officeholders in Scotland, itself follows a bad ethical standard in public life.
  • For social media share: secure units whistleblower. A post to share widely, linking folks to an article on a whistleblower on the safety of learning disabled + teenage autistic patients in unseen institutions.
  • Carbone Clinic and Applied Behaviour Analysis A day promotion of this cruel treatment for kids by coercion and penalties was successfully protested at location by autistic adults in Scotland.
  • The Icarus Project, when a group supposedly part of a “support network” on “mutual aid” and “healing” can do rejection that can cause suicide.
  • Place2Be its promotion to kids by TV news is misleading because its contact email addresses all bounce, which makes a wall for it against questions about the kids’ safety from treatment powers.
  • applying a law where it is factually evidenced not to apply A notice that our communication needs hold in the face of this distressing absurdity and should be used to prevent it. From the Justice Mill pub in Aberdeen holding that a bearer of a photographic bus pass you can only have if over 25 might be under 18.
  • MeToo on social media Sky News’s poll finding that 22% of men admit experiencing sexual harrassment proves wrong the MeToo campaign that was only about women victims and treated all men as the threat. PC prejuduce against men has impacted on aspies who struggle to connect socially.
  • “Scottish Children’s Services Coalition” a group of charities who write group letters to the papers and ignore objections to what they write, e.g. on sectioning in child psychiatry.
  • TripAdvisor Its forums on air travel have been swamped and taken over by planted members working for the more passenger maltreating airlines themselves, contain attitudes against aspergers and outrageously against all public right not to miss their flights!! They are aggressive and hostile against folks who bring bad airport experiences there expecting support, and TripAdvisor itself is openly happy for this to happen, approves of it and bans saying that there are plants.
  • New College Lanarkshire petition supporting a social media share of a petition exposing mediaevally corrupt selectivity with, and ignoring of, a student’s evidence in a dispute.
  • NAPAC this is the last thing you wanted to hear about the national charity for abuse survivor support in adulthood right at the moment of the Smith report on the BBC coming out.
  • ANCESTRY the family tree site, HUMANITARIAN WARNING that its site allows invitations to contact to be lost.
  • Labelling of “at risk” by social services a civil liberty case for an aspie in Aberdeenshire, Scotland.
  • NHS surgery will try to charge you for doctor’s letters, unwarned
  • have your mood dictated by your doctor In 2009 the American Psychiatric Association held a serious debate on classing bitterness as a mental illness.
  • Wikipedia and Wikinews a participant’s description of corrupt treatment there, 2008.
  • David Cunningham: Gordon Brown’s constituency a perception of the health service there breaking health and safety, by a parent with a severely autistic son, 2007.
  • Patients’ Association Scottish branch of, turned into a self-interested lobby group whose chair was shabby enough to refuse to take up exposing a corrupt handling of a health service complaint.
  • Labour Party has ensured that disabled people are being starved of their right to their Health from Scotland 2006 (New Labour era) by a parent with a severely autistic son.
  • My Space
  • not answered by Save The Children on awareness of wronged child authors.
  • A Gem of Wikipedia Corrruptionfrom 2006.
  • a wiki site on US democracy suppresses anti-wikipedia content
  • Wikipedia: a jungle of bullying and group hatefulness
  • Jaromir Lhotsky, Essex psychiatrist

! Posts about other fairness issues to do with the autistic spectrum:

! Some items that just came across as part of the ongoing picture of struggling with unfairnesses: items that could easily impact on autistic spectrumites’ lives, so it seems within the spirit of a fairness watch to share them:

The British law on adult vulnerability, against exploiting or taking advantage of us, imposes on the autism scene, its self-organised groups and its services, that in order not to take risks with suicidality they may never break the standard of integrity upon anyone. All aspie groups hàve to look out for each other keeping uncorrupted, aided by this law’s citability, so that they can be in any position to hold autism services and charities to uncorrupted fairness. It means, for example, that to follow the vulnerability law:

  • everyone is entitled to have their crisis issues agreed to matter, a group can’t decide it has grown bored with having individuals singly raise issues from their service problems and no longer wants to bother with them,
  • everyone who suffers any hostile accusation is entitled to the presumption of innocence, and nobody can ever declare that their last word to anyone is a refusal to undo an action breaching that,
  • breaching of these red lines of integrity is always aggressive, and it’s always corrupt to instead call it aggressive for the affected person to keep saying it has to be put it right.

As is flagged up in Bittersweet On the Autism Spectrum (Jessica Kingsley, 2017), p215: when there is a nationally linked up aspie scene, knowing the vulnerability law applies to it, then whenever one group goes bad, the rest of the scene is a failsafe and back-up for the affected group’s members. Autism Network Scotland‘s free-issued book An Ordinary Life Too also covers the duty under the vulnerability law for no group to stop having integrity about fairness: and that book’s existence is intended to help to keep the rest of the scene and services responsible to react and support affected folks whenever any piece of the autism scene goes wrong.

These works and developments point to a logical conclusion, that to comply with the vulnerability law, some types of answer that officials give us all the time can never be given. It’s great for democracy, and should be popular, to say that officials can never give the following toxic types of answer. But it’s not only officials who can never give them, ordinary aspies running local groups can never do the following to each other either:

  • Use the word “unfortunately” or synonyms of it. It has become a hurtful weapon for asserting that unfairnesses shall happen.
  • Be noncommittal.
  • Declare any matter of personal fairness closed, or unilaterally close down contact on it, before its entire content has been fairly answered, and at a stage preventing this from being ascertained from logical scrutiny of answers given.
  • Deny that they should do anything or answer substantively until an indefinitely deferrable eventuality.
  • Ignore, or omit to answer, any of the entire content of the evidence available from the person being answered.

These things also serve as practice models in countries lacking an explicit vulnerability law – they evidence practices that impact and worsen vulnerability, and there is always the responsibility not to risk causing suicides, to force compliance with these standards. It is always an act of toxic bullying, guilty of that improper risk, and breaking the vulnerability law wherever it exists, for the holders of leading offices in any group ever to declare a last word refusal to take a fair position, and ever to accuse of harrassment their own victim for pursuing them for a fair outcome. Remember that any of us who commit that calculated wrong, and crime of corruption, gift to every malevolent bureaucrat a basis to copy it. The entire safe and ethical autism scene in the world is defined by uncorrupted compliance with this standard.