“a special immunity to making mistakes”

This blog on Applied Behaviour Analysis, by Lauren Smith-Donohoe a parent writing in the US,  laurensmithdonohoe.com/2018/08/11/regarding-applied-behavioral-analysis-aba-therapy/?fbclid=IwAR1XJwgyjVr38uyT6JxlWi0R8Onwr7YIPvSCFYBeAV3MJ1ZJNEg-zztOaw4
well sums up the sheer personal liberty case against it. She quotes anonymously from a former practiser of it, a thought that applies outstandingly to all traditional schoolteachers !!! and child psychiatrists too.

” I thought that because I cared about the kids’ well-being, because I had a strong desire to help them, everything I did must therefore be in their best interest. In my mind, it gave me a special immunity to making mistakes. Caring meant there was no way I could be hurting them. I now realize how dangerous this idea really is. I’ve hurt many people I care deeply about. Just because you care about someone or have good intentions does not guarantee you’re doing the best thing for them. ”

download (1) The school reformer John Holt, who lived before autism awareness, wrote on the attractiveness of being able to behave like tyrants but feel like saints. These invaluable words coming directly from autism practice need sharing around and framing in gold. They are part of why this site exists. They evidence and prove for ever, that in all work for us and all organising of us, it is utterly always a dangerous abuse for anyone ever to have an authority of final question-stopping decision. Over anything, ever.

This quote can be the foundation of a law responsibility against abuse and against exploitation traps, throughout the autism scene and other needs scenes: that nobody shall ever have, accept, give themself, or give others, any last-word final power over anything ever, and that a basic level of not being abused is never to have any cause to fear declaring when a practice is harming you. That includes fear just of rejection from a group, because harm includes that: a known culpable injury to both emotional and physical health and throughout history a source of control traps over lives. So this quote can also help to ban the abuse and horrific cultlike trap of ever deciding that a person must silently accept a rejection or else get more rejection.

These are all the great reforming standards of fairness that instantly leap out of this quote, that it gives a basis for already laying claim to under emotional abuse prevention laws in every country that has them.

Maurice Frank
16 Jan 2019


Autistic Inclusive Meets Community Group AIM

It’s a Facebook group, at present public. It has announced this, and some folks with a dangerous overconfidence against social maltreatment have posted welcoming it.

If you are ableist, racist or LGBTQIA negative you will be banned from commenting.

You will be given NO platform and no right of answer.

Thank you.

WHAT? You will be accused and not allowed to defend, you will be treated dictatorially. Announced that openly ! d9b24275-1025-4354-8edd-14c4f9adb121

THIS IS PURGE CULTURE! The page’s host is reported as Emma Dalmayne. Thanks to a concerned reader of it for passing this on.

AIM’s page announces it “a new organisation for the support of autistic adults and parents/carers of autistic children. Against autistic mistreatment.” BUT BANS AND REJECTIONS DECIDED ON UNILATERALLY AND IGNORING A DEFENCE, ARE A PARTICULARLY STRONG AUTISTIC MALREATMENT !!!

20 Dec 2018

Autistics Worldwide, TAC

This line was posted on Facebook today, 9 Dec 18, in a discussion of how much exclusion problem is there in the autistic scene –

Autistics Worldwide and The Autistic Cooperative (TAC) are still groups who exclude other autistics based on their personal and individual preferences. They are both run by pretty much the same group.



Autistic Stories v concept of “losers”

In any setting that is in any way about emotional support at all, responsibility against suicidality enforces basic civilised kindness. An obvious axiom thus enforced is that the concept of “losers” is evil, a concept used by bullies, so must never be used.

Autistic Stories is a newly started paid for video channel, announced and developed by Wrong Planet. By its self-description it is meant to be good for our self-esteem, to show our coping and managing of life. “Living with autism, thriving with autism, succeeding with autism.” So, to work exactly oppositely than that type of bullies.

maxresdefault So it only carries any credence, it is only a message with any reality to it, if Wrong Planet itself matches that standard in how it works its forum. And at present, it’s not.

Autistic Stories is only a genuine message, with any credence to be worth watching, if and when Wrong Planet does not allow the concept of “losers”. REMEMBERING THAT THIS MATTERS AGAINST SUICIDE. When every complaint against every use of the word “loser” in the context of social relationships has an AUTOMATIC RIGHT to be upheld and no mod/admin is ever ALLOWED EVEN IN THEORY the power to close the report without any comment.

When the WP participant who reports a use of “losers” can never receive the message:
The report you filed” .. “was handled by a moderator or by an administrator.
The report was afterwards closed. If you have further questions contact
XFilesGeek with a personal message.”

24 Nov 2018

Ban Torture of People with Disabilities (US) and #StopTheShock

Judge Rotenberg Center, Canton, Massachusetts, US, has featured in the fairness watch before, in 2007. Now since 2016 there actually are draft regulations banning its practices, use of ELECTRIC SHOCKS TO CHANGE AUTISTIC BEHAVIOUR, INCLUDING FOR KIDS, but the government department concerned with it, the Food and Drug Administration, is dragging its feet on implementation.

Resulting in this online campaign for more urgency about it:

Exactly the same issues are dealt with elsewhere including  in the community, without the wrong of punishment regimes. The same as in education and school, free unpressured learning works and punishment regimes to force working always backfire and fail.

Autscape: candidates tied to have ethical positions on exclusion

The annual British spectrumite gathering Autscape is in progress, at Tonbridge, England, and today it held its AGM there. It included an election with 4 candidates, for 2 new directors to join its board of 9.

Annual General Meetings are always matters of public record. So there can be nothing confidential about this.

This Autscape’s entire theme is inclusion! In the election, a question from the floor, fitting that theme perfectly, asked the candidates for their ethical boundaries towards rejection + exclusion. By having to answer that – IT FORCED THEM TO HAVE ETHICAL BOUNDARIES TOWARDS REJECTION + EXCLUSION !!

So to act on fixing in place the boundaries extracted, by putting out notice of them.

The question did not force their answers to be perfectly what matches the values of this site: and certainly it is not welcome to the values of Autistic Groups Fairness Watch that the winners included Fergus Murray, a co-founder of the AMASE group recently in our attention. NB The latter statement will be deleted instantly if AMASE makes the response asked for in the page on itself, admitting that there was no hostility to it in the action described against promotions of Autistic Pride Day.

Murray was the only candidate not to agree that, as an ethical priority, personal rejection + exclusion are always wrong. The other 3 all did, thankfully including the other winner Jeremy McDonaugh, reelected. So Murray is restrained by that, and cartainly Autscape at present has a good inclusion ethic: “We are all equally entitled to be here”. But he is also restrained by his own answer.


He was only able to cite one instance in favour of rejectability: he said that rejecting one person may result in including many others.

This ties him to that limit. Still without agreeing with him, still holding that his sick rejection-apologism is dangerous and needs stopping, this is progress in that. It is far better that he is tied to this than to nothing. Even if giving this answer instead of a worse one helped him to win, the question was right because it rightly achieved prevention of the worst outcome, which was if he won without any restraining on this subject at all. It keeps many vulnerable folks safe.

In any case that arises where he wants to side with rejecting someone, he is obliged to evidence that that person’s actions specifically have inflicted, or are inflicting, rejection + exclusion upon others.

Limited to that. No other circumstances at all.

for all Autscape’s ordinary participants
29 Aug 2018


Anders Lee show

What a jerk to every spectrumite with a need !


This comedian from the US who is on at the present Edinburgh festival, is billed as telling an autistic diagnosed person’s struggles. But his message turns out to be opposed to the label and no longer wanting to use it – and he regards it as just a label favoured for doctors in certain periods to give wantonly to kids with any type of fitting in troubles.
No explanation of how else he would have needs recognised and served. Above all, no explanation of how fitting in troubles should be dealt with. His show implies we should just be left to struggle and sink for the sake of not having a label. 
His show actually states that autism only exists as an arbitrary label given you by a doctor, and even neurodiversity only a label too. That flies in the face of all the physically real things about autism, the sensory issues, the stimming – he even likes hand flapping – the problem with fine motor skills – he even had that, the unequally powered eyes, the spectrumites affected by diet issues. HE IS NEGATING AND WRITING OFF OUR PHYSICAL REALITY, MISEDUCATING THE PUBLIC AGAINST IT WHICH WILL LEAD TO LESS MEETING OF NEEDS. 
SO WHERE ARE THE LOCAL NO–PLATFORMERS NOW? Their argument of medical impact, used in the recent no-platforming crisis over a vaccines talk, exists just as much just as logically, over Lee’s message.
He follows the American comedians’ norm of having to obsess with sex, and with self-portraying as having easy access to it. Whether true or an act, that attitude leaves behind the autistic community and neither speaks for them nor gives coarse ribald society better attitudes towards spectrumites. At the same time contradictorily, he supports MeToo. This giving men an impossible mixed message.
He seems to take school and college troubles as just being routine that everyone gets through them, so would have this seen no dfferently autistic v NT. Obviously offensively oblivious to the nature of the worst troubles. His fault overall is that he clearly self- portrays as a tough survivor, and has the attitude as if everyone can be. Obliviously to the cases where not, this feeds in to his position against labels. Though one quick line of his message against labels refers to wanting to make society care more for everyone, he says nothing on how to make that happen, after his show’s message, opposing the niche care that happens already within our label, influences towards LESS care and LESS fairness.
Takes this attitude from an angle of assuming that we can all cope averagely normally with all parts of daily life. Influences towards regressing society into going by that assumption and without any distinguishing of autistics and NTs, hence without meeting any formally identified autistic needs! and leaving us expected to try to belong successfully in NT society!
How thoughtless careless and uncaring.
Maurice Frank
20 Aug 2018
Right of reply: see his reply posted below –

“Dummy” is something I’ve been working on for almost a year now, and it is changing and evolving every day. I may have not been clear enough about this in the show you saw, but subsequent versions have included the very important caveat that I do not begrudge anyone for identifying as Autistic. I absolutely accept that the diagnosis can be helpful in giving people access to resources they would not receive otherwise. This is especially true in countries like the UK where healthcare is treated as a human right. These things, however, do not make Autism a real, “physical” condition. As you well know, it is diagnosed by examining a person’s behavior and not any physical aspect of their brain. Maybe you can provide a succinct explanation (I have yet to find one) as to what essential quality makes some people “Autistic” and others “Neurotypical.”

If you haven’t, I would highly recommend reading Edith Sheffer’s book “Asperger’s Children.” You are right to be defensive of the gains institutional medicine has made on behalf of people with neurological issues. But one can do that while still being open about the history of the spectrum: the awful things people labeled as “Autistic” have been subjected to and the fact that the diagnosis is rooted in eugenics.

I don’t agree that it is necessarily the artist’s job to give the audience a program or solution to a problem they pose. That being said, I do actually have one in this show, and it’s one that I’ve spoken with others who have seen “Dummy” at length. I believe that we could one day live in a world that is designed to accommodate all learning styles and forms of sensory processing. In a world like that, diagnoses like “Autism” would be unnecessary. I fully acknowledge that we do not live in that world yet.

Most of this I can chock up to different interpretation, but there are a few points here that blatantly misrepresent what I say in the show. The claim that I portray myself as having “easy access” to sex is just plain false. Maybe your issues with other parts of the show made it hard to listen carefully or, to be blunt, maybe you heard what you wanted to hear. But I, in fact, state the precise opposite about my romantic life. I have no idea what about that passage you find “contradictory” and would be curious to hear more.

I also strongly object to the accusation that I portray myself as a “tough survivor” and think everyone can have the same opportunities I did. I’m very honest about the help I was given and that many people in my situation are not so lucky. I think this is really the heart of our disagreement. “Dummy” is not a show about “overcoming” anything. It’s about accepting yourself, stims and all.