Harri Pritchard-Jones and Literature Wales

Harri Pritchard-Jones, an adolescent-specialist psychiatrist who was also a successful writer, in Wales, died on Mar 11.

Glowing obituaries for him as a writer and cultural figure have passed through the Welsh media and are still being left in place for him by Literature Wales, an organisation he helped to set up and was a vice-chair of. They are doing this, doing nothing and hoping for a quiet life, when they know all about his part in destroying a child author. Described here on Autism Network Scotland’s site. After he was never caught when alive to answer to the effects of his medical practices, he is being left unexposed even in death.

A writer called Peter Finch who used to work for Literature Wales passed the info to them recently. But so did its former joint chair John Pikoulis in 2012, when Pritchard-Jones was living, and now he has been willing to give him a praising obituary.

The story of how Pritchard-Jones’s adolescent unit closed ranks against letting teenagers take their own life decisions, with this consequence, is academically published in detail (but of course only anonymously without names) in an autism student’s PhD thesis. It was described as “heartbreaking to read” by child psychiatry critic Brenda leFrancois. In my submission on the Scottish parliament’s recent Mental Health Bill, I described the outcome from the All Wales Child Protection Procedure to looking at what that unit had done: “X’s position is that it is for Y to take further, while Y’s position is that Y can not take it any further except by X taking it up.” NHS in Wales remained totally noncommittal on the same adolescent treatment practices still being possible.

Because it is still big organisations instead of autistic people ourselves who the media listens to about us, I have not been able to force into any wide public knowledge before Pritchard-Jones’s death the story that he destroyed a child author’s chance while enjoying an author reputation himself. To see his success continue was exactly the same as it was for Jimmy Savile’s victims and they described how it felt. Now his death still in success and escaping from any accountability adds to that parallel.

TV channel S4C ignored 2 emails about it until I chased it up as a complaint. In outcome on Sep 15 they wrote:   “The programme in question was a portrayal of the life and work of Harri Pritchard Jones.” yet “did not deal with any matter of political or industrial controversy or relating to current public policy and therefore there was no requirement to present any alternative viewpoints.” “As a broadcaster, we take child protection matters very seriously and have a robust child protection policy in place” but it’s only to do with kids involved in programme making, which is not relevant here. For their current affairs output, which they buy in, “there is no obligation on S4C as a broadcaster to initiate any particular investigation.”

A media insider protected even posthumously. Their procedure’s last stage, an “S4C Authority Complaints and Compliance Committee” is discretionary, it has never responded and there is no sign it will to my return points of Oct 1 – that health services’ ethics are a political issue, that his “life and work” includes his psychiatry, that it impacts children to accept uncritically “a profiled person’s work with them, and the ideas and practices behind it”, that to be recorded continuing a culture of silence around it makes another post-Savile media scandal.


Adolescent psychiatry was still totally ignoring Asperger syndrome and rejecting awareness of it, in the eighties when my encounter with Pritchard-Jones happened.

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Maurice Frank
17 Apr 2015 (+ later updates re S4C.)


Imperfect steps towards a perfect world

By Chris Morris, a former Labour speechwriter. A great summary of why it’s worth bothering to do political things in an imperfect world whose reaction won’t always be good. Because you create a ripple.


Susan Boyle: but a famous aspie does not mean all is right for us.

Let’s see. You’ve come for a look at what aspies are all about because you heard the news about Susan Boyle? Splendid: here’s what the media should be telling you. Are they?

  • Our heightened physical sensitivities, including to fabric and heat, are biologically incompatible with dress codes and make them an assault on our physical wellbeing. Our existence abolishes all work dress codes and school uniforms. This has been known for years and the big charities have not been choosing to push it.
  • Because some aspies find it easier to focus on the written word than the spoken, there is a correlation between aspies and child authors. There is a succession of books by aspie child authors, and there is a child cruelty offence done in long history of big charities’ total avoidance and failiure to publicise that there are WRONGED child authors, like me, whose chance to write was destroyed by harmful school pressures and homework.
  • With the big charities’ big failings to speak for us where needed, you can see how seriously we have needed the voice developed for us, to contribute into professional awareness and policymaking, by the AUTISM NETWORK SCOTLAND, developed out of Strathclyde University and now a part of the national strategy. It’s invaluable, and its creation is the great success of the scene in Scotland. So IT NEEDS COPYING IN EVERY COUNTRY. If you are outside Scotland do you think your aspies deserve not to have any ANS?
  • The NAS is to be complimented on attending properly to striking off its contact list a bent autism legal service that advised me to surrender in a dispute with a council tax malpractice where I was in the right by statute law and won. There needs to be a media consumer exposee of bent services that will prey on their clients instead of stand up to councils – you want to know more, you need it publicised.
  • Likewise you want to know that aspies’ local groups can’t be corrupted and seized control of by malpractisers bent on hushing up tbhe impact of a character who set folks up to experience discrimination. That is what happened to Phad’s now defunct group in Fife, see these posts from 2009 when it was starting to happen: A group’s members must never be censored from sending each other messages about any fairness problem and 2011 every aspie is free to remain in contact with the whole scene.
  • the same common sense that all the details should be published of the ways we have been harmed by schools and by child psychiatry. Aspie kids not safe until these things stopped, and how do you stop them unless you have heard widely what they are? In a safely non-deletable way on paper: for it’s no good putting them in an Amazon e-book where the site’s lawyers reserve a power to turn round and say, no no no, delete to be on the safe side. So the media are turning their backs on child safety unless they read this and chase after these things’ publishing.
  • Where competitive jobsearch utterly has never worked for us, the approach that works is to have aspie employment services who talk through both our strengths and our limitations with an employer to work out a working niche for us. But more ethical accountability upon these services is needed, to prevent the malpractice of them turning round and claiming that a third party problem that arises after you are in a job is not in their remit to deal with. By obvious definition, a remit to support employment automatically includes any problem that affects the work’s doability or the work environment’s justice in any way. 11351321_10153438742293854_251693088214416327_n This an item I am holding Edinburgh’s new local Autism Plan responsible to put right locally.

Maurice Frank
9 Dec 2013

origins of the Atos crisis

This is an eerie drawing of links between the far right and all the drives to reverse welfare that there have been in politics since 1976.

Since the same year as I was recruited to the greedy right wing school that would abuse me with undoable work pressure, Balfour House. By its means of chasing irrational fantasies actually snuffing out any possibility of realising them. So I think the history of these links might also be particularly striking to all victims of high achiever authoritarian education and the greedy irrational gifted movement that was one of the authoritarian values backlash’s particularly extreme strands.

British torture

The aspie scene’s concerns include conditions in mental institutions, the long unanswered question of how many folks with mental health diagnoses and under drugging regimes should have aspie diagnoses, the safety of encounters with the police when impaired communication can be taken as a sign of being suspicious, and the blatantly corrupt ignoring of case content and evidence in the court processes that led to Talha Ahsan’s deportation to America and its supermax solitary confinement jail system.

But breathe a bit easy, Britain has several centuries of fine reliable history of the rule of law and not doing torture, right? NO.

Absorb this Guardian excerpt from Cruel Britannia: A Secret History Of Torture, by Ian Cobain, published next month: www.guardian.co.uk/law/2012/oct/19/torture-uk-britain-blood-government .

From WW2 through Mau Mau Kenya and Irish internment to Diego Garcia after 911.Now a change the law is planned that would prevent evidence of complicity in torture being aired in the courts.

Put this on record. Autism alert card issuers, who include police forces, and the autism workers who serve as “personal contacts” to go on these cards, have a responsibility now to work out exactly how protected and safe we are from rendition and torture in any police situations we have, and to make it safe.


Youtube has introduced a power to block any member you like from commenting on your own video. Knowingly, as block powers like this always do, allowing you to FAKE the appearance that any nasty lie you like has gone unopposed.

This has allowed the advocate of child cruelty and slavery who posted this video to block anyone who points out that it is promoting child cruelty. So that anyone who watches the video under its dangerously alluring title of “Forgive her” does not get the thought put into their head that the video’s message is actually obscene.

It is from a kids’ ghost story made in Australia 1989, called “Elly and Jools”. The series portrays ghosts (1) as trapped close to one location, and (2) as only remaining on Earth until their purpose “moves on” and hence so do they, irreversibly, into some other afterlife located elsewhere.

The mum of this boy Jools intimidates his ghost girlfriend Elly to “move on”, using a threat that she will move the family away to separate the pair by force, and using openly racist type bigot hateful language telling the ghost girl “You don’t belong here.” Then in the scene shown, Jools’s dad is committing obscene child abuse by coercing him with threats to fake an outward show of forgiveness to his mum and acquiescence to what she has done. What mum has done, in removing Jools’s love irreversibly from the world, is obviously the same as murder. In the clip the coercing of acquiescence is even expressed by the dad in openly Nazi style language, “I haff vays”.

cbf9a60c-4a65-438c-8513-44389d02c84d That it is a fictional situation is not the point, it is the type of moralising TV show 12075076_10153735432073854_8643912967540054028_nthat intends its fictional scenes to guide behaviour in real scenes. Its guide is: group hate just like racism, removing someone irreversibly from the world just like murder, emotional enslavement of children, taunting intimidation, passivity and mind surrender for victims, and coerced shows of love towards abusers. Here is the comment that Youtube’s blocking system allows the video host to prevent appearing under it:

Jools’s mum is Satan and so is anyone who forgives her. Irreversibly in the way this show portrays ghosts, she has removed Jools’s love and soulmate from this world. Relative to Jools, in having her removed, that is the same as murdering her. Here we see child abuse, Jools enslaved and coerced into faking acquiescence towards his abuser and her agenda of cruelty. Among the most evil pieces of TV ever made.