Susan Boyle: but a famous aspie does not mean all is right for us.

Let’s see. You’ve come for a look at what aspies are all about because you heard the news about Susan Boyle? Splendid: here’s what the media should be telling you. Are they?

  • Our heightened physical sensitivities, including to fabric and heat, are biologically incompatible with dress codes and make them an assault on our physical wellbeing. Our existence abolishes all work dress codes and school uniforms. This has been known for years and the big charities have not been choosing to push it.
  • Because some aspies find it easier to focus on the written word than the spoken, there is a correlation between aspies and child authors. There is a succession of books by aspie child authors, and there is a child cruelty offence done in long history of big charities’ total avoidance and failiure to publicise that there are WRONGED child authors, like me, whose chance to write was destroyed by harmful school pressures and homework.
  • With the big charities’ big failings to speak for us where needed, you can see how seriously we have needed the voice developed for us, to contribute into professional awareness and policymaking, by the AUTISM NETWORK SCOTLAND, developed out of Strathclyde University and now a part of the national strategy. It’s invaluable, and its creation is the great success of the scene in Scotland. So IT NEEDS COPYING IN EVERY COUNTRY. If you are outside Scotland do you think your aspies deserve not to have any ANS?
  • The NAS is to be complimented on attending properly to striking off its contact list a bent autism legal service that advised me to surrender in a dispute with a council tax malpractice where I was in the right by statute law and won. There needs to be a media consumer exposee of bent services that will prey on their clients instead of stand up to councils – you want to know more, you need it publicised.
  • Likewise you want to know that aspies’ local groups can’t be corrupted and seized control of by malpractisers bent on hushing up tbhe impact of a character who set folks up to experience discrimination. That is what happened to Phad’s now defunct group in Fife, see these posts from 2009 when it was starting to happen: A group’s members must never be censored from sending each other messages about any fairness problem and 2011 every aspie is free to remain in contact with the whole scene.
  • the same common sense that all the details should be published of the ways we have been harmed by schools and by child psychiatry. Aspie kids not safe until these things stopped, and how do you stop them unless you have heard widely what they are? In a safely non-deletable way on paper: for it’s no good putting them in an Amazon e-book where the site’s lawyers reserve a power to turn round and say, no no no, delete to be on the safe side. So the media are turning their backs on child safety unless they read this and chase after these things’ publishing.
  • Where competitive jobsearch utterly has never worked for us, the approach that works is to have aspie employment services who talk through both our strengths and our limitations with an employer to work out a working niche for us. But more ethical accountability upon these services is needed, to prevent the malpractice of them turning round and claiming that a third party problem that arises after you are in a job is not in their remit to deal with. By obvious definition, a remit to support employment automatically includes any problem that affects the work’s doability or the work environment’s justice in any way. 11351321_10153438742293854_251693088214416327_n This an item I am holding Edinburgh’s new local Autism Plan responsible to put right locally.

Maurice Frank
9 Dec 2013


5 years jail if you make threats

“5 years jail if you make threats” a headline in today’s Metro.

A proposal by the minister of “public safety” in Scotland, Roseanna Cunningham, who back in the 90s said on radio “As a lawyer I know that many questions don’t have yes or no answers” – is that Scots (defined how? it probably referred to residents of Scotland) can be sent to jail for any recorded threatening remarks they make under certain categories of discrimination. They could be anywhere in the world when they made the threatening remarks.

Story says she told parliament it could be broadened to include “threats based on sexual orientation or disability that were recorded by any means such as a tape recorder.”

Now, a discriminatory threat against disability … should include threatening to do anything that goes against an aspies’ autism and overrides acknowledged needs.

12075076_10153735432073854_8643912967540054028_n       So we can expect to send to jail anyone who:

  • In a factional or bullying way excludes us from any group in the aspie scene. Exactly what Spectrum Fairness was always about. We can expect this new law to come and help make that security for us real, if we take this news literally.
  • Operates aspie services that are in any way social, including groups or drop-in time, with a territorial boundary on who is allowed to come to them that excludes any folks in regions without the same service. Like all the 8 “one stop shop” autism drop-in services have always been made to do.
  • Pushes us to take jobs that have dress codes, or recommends having the benefits system thus push us and not accept the biological damage done by dress codes.
  • Sets us homework.

Always watch discrimination like a hawk. It’s good what you can establish.

Gendered Intelligence

To a party whose existence I came across in the Metro. Considering they are called Gendered Intelligence, their position was really unintelligent:

I saw your claim to class as transgender “anyone who challenges gender norms”. I find this dangerously on the bullies’ side.

The evil in gender norms is that they oppress personal liberty to make personal choices. They are a way for oppressive societies to predecide folks’ characters for them. If you want your liberty over your own life choices, most survival importantly if you are a straight man choosing that you don’t enjoy violence and are not macho, then you are not in any way identifying as partly a woman or saying you want to be one. It is bullies and bigots, to enforce oppression, who tell you your choices make you a girlie or a poof.

I am an aspie, an able autistic. Our strong side is independence of mind, from complying with the acceptance rules of groups who we don’t fit into anyway by social skill. We often find ourselves in collision with all sorts of norms, we are proud to be scientific proof that norms are evil. So this will include gender norms. Not interested in football, not admiring big strong swaggery yobbos. The reason for these collisions has nothing to do with our sense of gender, nor with who we fancy.

Physical sensitivities are affected by autism too, and relatedly by attention deficit. Reaction to texture, heat, constriction, which affects choices of clothes. I have this, I have a heat sensitivity in favour of shorts. I wrote the article in the Asperger United for April, on how all dress codes and uniforms are a biological abuse crime. Obviously this includes being oppressed by gender attitudes to dress, because they are sometimes inconvenient. Not because we are transgender.

Have you heard of the 2 schoolboys, lucky with the survivability conditions in their schools not being like in ghetto communities, who have gone to school in skirts, by right under gender discrimination, in order to fight against not being allowed shorts? I suffered the same adverse school dress discrimination as them, so have practically all boys, and wrote up my admiration and backing for them. What their bully enemies writing “fag” on their Youtube presence want, what ruins their action, is for you to claim them as transgender.

If a woman can wear a pink watch just because she likes the watch and its unassuming colour on her wrist, without anyone drawing conclusions about her gender, then so can and do I. It would be oppression and slavery to duck doing it. I duck wearing a skirt though because I think there is a danger over the decency laws, given the illogical fault in skirts’ shape. The physical awkwardness of wearing them, the pants problem, that originally was an oppression for women, now can allow indecency to be held against men in them while nothing but arbitrary custom absurdly keeps women immune to that judgment. That I think is why the gender specificity of skirts has never been broken down, when many other gender specificities have. I’m actually writing this in Scotland, too, so it needs to be a strong reasoning, but kilts cluster around you in a subtly different way than skirts. Anyway, a libertarian must want to see all gender specificity of costume destroyed. For you to claim every breach of it under transgender identity is obviously not going to make the gender associations disappear faster!

It has not been answered. That means they want to go on arrogantly flinging transgender labels around to suit themselves roughshod over what is important in other folks’ lives. 

Maurice Frank
6 Aug 2011


dress issue is cut out of published submissions to government

Following the parliamentary hostility to the autism strategy bill for Scotland, and its defeat, the government held a consultation for its own non-statutory autism strategy here. This would never have happened but for the bill being attempted.

I see that my response has been published online, here:

But there are several unexplained odd gaps in it, and they represent where bits have been excised out. What annoys me most is on the third page, under the heading Dress. “Any uniform may prescribe clothes made from a fabric that hurts a spectrumite’s skin, causing distress and affecting our concentration and functioning. This simple fact biologically proves that any uniform or dress code is an atack upon our bodies, …” then it ends in mid sentence and there are several lines’ gap. What I had actually written continued: “… and for children this proves school uniforms are child abuse. This has been known for years, featured in autism, conferences and studies and the literature for years, back to the early 0’s. The NAS has done us biological damage by never choosing to push this issue in its campaigns. That school uniform still exists, is knowingly a national scale mass biological crime against a known aspect of human biology.”

I don’t mind if they want to blank out the NAS’s name through some code of not having named attacks in submissions: I simply chose to inform them about the NAS’s fault as described. but I mind total censorship of the autism health issue against school uniforms. Any school age folks reading, with your health getting done that wrong to, look at them wiping out from the record the issue against your uniform. When the text resumes, they have left in plenty of the dress freedom case for adults, but they blank out the statement “This proves it was child abuse for me to suffer a long trousers school uniform.” Then in fact they have blanked out an argument for adults too, where I cite good practice by the Intowork service in Edinburgh, in standing up for dress freedoms at work for aspie clients who medically need that. By blanking out that paragraph they also conveniently blank out the claim that all dress codes are genocide.

There is plenty of other nice stuff they have let in, be that acknowledged. Only, the blanking out on the dress issue contrasts with it. Is it only because my case against the gifted children movement, Faculties Not Gifts, had already been published in 2007 by the SASN [now Autism Network Scotland], that the government scribes had to leave in the references I made to its content, which include a reference to abuse, without blanking those out?

Maurice Frank
21 Mar 2011

Autism Cymru – Racism in an "autism resolution to be sent to world bodies"

Autism Cymru was the administrator of the recent Awares Online Conference, planned to repeat annually. (NB Dec 5: William Lamar, who was alerted as missing during the conference, is safely home.)

Midway through it, Adam Feinstein circulated an

“autism resolution”,

counting AS as part of autism as these organisations always do, that was going to the European Parliament among other places.

The details that signers were asked for included “Country of origin”. I responded that spectrumites’ issues about sensitivity and metabolism…

…> raise compatibility with environment, that seriously proves it a
> biological crime against a person’s body to force the person into
> association with a different climatic environment than they identify
> Including when a bigot dictates which country he says a person belongs
> and takes pleasure in kicking in the teeth the person’s own expressed
> national identity. Common, and deeply wounding, bigotries, sometimes
> bullying but sometimes just simple-minded, are to take a person’s accent
> or surname or birthplace as a criterion that dictates arbitrarily their
> country. These bigotries are acts of genocide, nations with a history of
> dispersal like the Scots show how, and the spectrumite sensitivities thing
> proves the biological seriousness of the offence.

Hence proving:

that international law is
> obliged to criminalise all birthplace bigotry as an atrocity of ethnic
> persecution.
> So to back this petition – whose objective itself should help me get this
> message across! – I need to know that it is not trying to categorise
> people by the arbitrary location of either their birthplace or their
> childhood. In which case, what exactly is it trying to record by “country
> of origin”? and wouldn’t a signer’s present address be more relevant to a
> petition?
> thank you for your care.

On Oct 28 he answered:

> You raise a good point. Country of residence would have been better
> put.
> Please assume that was what I meant, and apologies for any
> misunderstanding.
> Please let me know if you are happy to be a signatory to the
> resolution.

Yet, when he circulated another email giving out post-conference certificates to the participants after it had ended (Nov 11), and he made another call for support for his resolution, “Country of origin” was still there. He had done nothing to alter it. He had not acted on taking the point. For that, I was obliged in conscience to withdraw from support already given!! Now you think about yours.

It is carelessness towards the public. Now, this is Autism Cymru, right? The national outfit in Wales. This was being done from


Indeed, the Awares conference had a picture of Cardiff on its entrance page.That itself is a place affected by the type of climatic unfairness I was telling him about! Cardiff lies near the head of a long narrow waterway, the Bristol Channel. Its strong tides, the second strongest in the world, and funnelling shape, cause saturated damp in the air, and on the mountainous Welsh side this works together with the rainy climate associated with mountains. In regions along long narrow waterways these effects often have a local trend to cause nasal irritation, catarrhal and cold-like symptoms. “Cardiff Nose”. This frustrates self-discovery by folks who have minority sensitivities against over-dressing, such as shortists.

Knowing about it, I asked Adam to get Autism Cymru to do local awareness raising on it in South Wales. Most importantly, before the present winter, in case there are any spectrumite shortists there who have not discovered themselves because of the local climate. When sensitivities are not catered to, it causes irritation and distraction and impairs performance – so our fellow spectrumites in the Cardiff Nose region, and others like it, the Thames Valley is another, have a biological right not to be left through another winter without awareness raising of this. Awareness raising which will also help the biologically serious civil rights struggle to uphold dress freedom throughout society including in employment and school.

He’s ignored it.

and finally, you will find this one wearily predictable.

Autism Cymru is hosting an International Autism Conference in Cardiff on 8-10 May 2006. Speakers include Jacqui Jackson.. Hence they have been asked to say they will comply with their duty to make participants know that there exist child authors whose chances were destroyed by the crime of abusive school homework, and it would be an act of child cruelty towards present cases not to do it.

The answer that they will do it is still awaited. There is a clear picture of abuse in not having it by now.

a notice to every education authority in 2001

Sent on 2 July 2001 to all 212 education authorities in the UK as listed in Whitaker’s Almanack.

Concerning a parliamentary record on all dress codes and uniforms being A human rights violation in International Law.

This record is in the submission I was invited to make to the Scottish Parliament procedures committee’s enquiry into “Consultative Steering Group principles” and equal opportunities. Committee clerk Mr John Patterson appreciated the submission on June 26. Without prejudging at all the committee’s response to it, its existence presents all operators of schools with a responsibility to absorb its implications for equal opportunities and human rights.

parliament_300  “This is not confined to Scotland, it follows for every democracy that subscribes to international principles against discrimination and for minorities.

In the submission, I cited the link between skin sensitivity, metabolism, and body electricity to show that comfort identities are scientifically serious and not frivolous. Comfort identities are minorities who make unusual choices of costume. It follows they are entitled to the same recognition and equal opportunity status as all other categories of minority, and this is violated by uniforms or dress codes, hence these are invalidated.

It follows this applies equally to uniformities imposed by peer groups. Hence, until all experiential evidence on these comfort identities is published, it violates human rights to enforce school attendance at all for children who identify with costumes that peer group prejudice against exists.

This has also been communicated to the independent sector.

In duty to everyone who this question applies to.
Maurice Frank “