requiring typing into PDF forms + trying to email them by their own button

Technical obstacles that can happen if you try to fill in a form on a PDF document then to email it by a button provided within the form.

– These are bad enough, that it is excluding and wrong, against public accessibility, for a consultation to ask for use of such a form. They will have anyway to take ordinary email responses built around the form’s questions from folks for whom the actual form does not work. But the danger is of respondents not having the confidence to do that, so that they just never get a response in, never get their say, after they find that the way they have been literally instructed to do it, with the form, does not work.

This is the position for this consultation, whose time ends this week, on the new SIGN guidelines in Scotland, the medical reference guidelines for handling and treating autism. As you see on the page setting out the consultation (if it’s still there when you read this), they literally ask you to return the form which they provide in a PDF link, and this either to a postal address, which means a lot of spend per page on printing it, or “using the email button on the last page of the form.”

On at least some computers, this button produces no visible sign that any sending has happened. Wht do you do then? If you don’t get back any acknowledgement, you don’t know that the form has sent. Obviously your only option then is to resend your contribution in an ordinary email, built around the form’s questions copied into it, but not the actual form.

If you need to take time and thought to compose your answers, if they don’t all come to you with quick spontaneity as you sit at the screen reading the consultation, and if you have a lot to say, then you will have your answers saved somewhere outside the form, most likely in an email draft, where you composed them. Then it is more sensible just to be able to send them in that form, email – the way that most consultations in recent memory have accepted and expected submissions. The PDF form is not a welcome burden when you find: that the PDF form will not save with your answers, that if you save it as either a file or an email attachment then when you return to it any answers you had put in it are gone and only the blank form had saved, and when copy-+-paste does not work in it either. Yet this is what happens if you are on Chrome! popularly thought the most advanced browser. Then, if you are under instruction to use or try to use the form, you have to type all your already composed answers into it longhand. Without saving. That you can only do if you have continuous uninterrupted computer access for the typing’s duration, an hour or more, and without your web connection going down. If you have to leave the task unfinished, you may as well not have started, your work is wasted.

If after all that it seems a waste lf time anyway because the promised snding button does not work – then this is a process actively discouraging and losing folks unless they are particularly motivated to persevere. This is not a public user-friendly accessible way to do it. That is unjust.

On computers equipped with the 2 commonest browsers now, Chrome and Explorer, the technical position is curiously the reverse of what you might expect from their reputations. It’s Chrome where the form will not save with its content. Saving it as either a file or an email attachment, when you next open it you find that only the blank form saved and any answers that were already in it have disappeared. Copy-and-paste does not work in the form either, and finally, all effort is wasted because the send button just does not work, nothing happens. But in Explorer, a browser that some now regard as out of date, copy-and-paste and saving with content all do work! But the form still fails to send. The send button at least produces a result, asking you to select an email send address. But either this is followed by “An unknown error occurred while uploading the attachment”, or it allows you to sign it into your email account then has the unknown error.

Firefox, also got the experience of it allowing me to select an email address then giving the unknown error. In Firefox too, copy-and-paste and saving worked, when you try to send it allows you to select an email address then gives the “unknown error” message. Anyway, sending does not work on any of the 3 prominent browsers.

26 Jul 2016

They did answer this problem decently, and accept submission by email, Aug 22:
Thank you for taking the time to comment on our booklets and I apologise that you had so many problems with the online pdf form. Some others had problems with this and others were able to complete and send it without any problems. We will take all your comments on board in relation to the technical difficulties and for the next consultation we will advise people that they can submit comments in an email or on paper if they are having difficulty with the online form. We can also send hard copies of the declaration of interests form and the consultation form by post to make this easier for people.


Autistic Intelligence: TES child author award

“I have been in autism circles on the Internet for 10 years. I am aware of your beliefs and concerns.” When you receive that as a sum total reply, you know they are saying they are not going to do anything. You know it’s a refusal, proclaimed arbitrarily and not even reasoned to you. Effectively it admits already knowing that anything needs doing, and admits already not doing it.

It came from Barbara Jacobs, who you may have heard of from the book Loving Mr Spock. She answers for Autistic Intelligence. In messaging AI I had asked who was responsible for its site content, and out of their list of speakers I had guessed it might be her from the Barbara signature on the message of self-doubting crisis for AI that was the latest post in its blog section.

She had even posted there a feeling of self-doubt by AI at present and it not doing much. “We can’t put on the big conferences, because they cost our delegates more money than they have. They’re a nightmare to organise as I (Barbara) am a one-woman band, not an organisation or a ‘charity’ with tax-free status, donations, funding for overheads and some sponsorship for conferences”. So a shoestring cottage industry putting on a facade of grandeur, all along. Oh dear.

Why then does she want to damage AI and have it seen to be in the wrong towards maltreated children, aspies among them? The thing she is motivelessly refusing to do, by this rude one-liner, is – SIMPLY – SIMPLY – tell the readers of AI’s site that wronged destroyed child authors exist. That’s all! It’s so simple, it’s so easy to do. It’s just one extra fact to slip into the site.

It is made necessary by the presence on the site of a profile of Luke Jackson, as one of their list of speakers. So long as the existence of wronged child authors is not in prominent general public knowledge, an additional hammering of abused kids is done every time any autism organisation ever tells the public about a child author success, but does not also tell them that there are wronged child authors. The way AI’s site is now doing this is exceeding even the boundaries of cruelty to abused kids reached before by all the fervour around Luke back in 2002-3 . It is explicitly crediting him with winning “the TES child author award.”

There is no award called a “child author award.” In 13 years Luke’s award has never been called this by anyone before. It is directly a child abuse and child cruelty towards every kid, uncounted in number, who is suffering the ATROCITY of destruction of a child author chance by school homework or by any oppressive power behaviour of adults, and to every adult survivor of this, to credit a “child author award” to any trumpeted public figure on a pedestal without lifting a finger to say a single peep anywhere about wronged child authors. If Jacobs is aware of this she is aware it’s wrong to do it.

It is worse to do it around Luke than anyone else, for the “child author” credit is not accurate! The book he got an award for in 2003, Freaks Geeks and Asperger Syndrome, his mother Jacqui told the Times on 16 Aug 2002 was more her work. Luke denied on a now defunct forum site in 2004 that the report was accurate in its quote: that Jacqui did 6 hours’ work to every half hour Luke did, which would make the book 12/13 by the adult parent. But the fact was repeated in several profiles of them, that Luke only produced unformed unordered writings which took Jacqui’s intervention of editing and formatting to make into a book, in the case of both the books credited to him. THAT MEANS HE NEVER PRODUCED ANY BOOK WRITTEN UNAIDED AS A CHILD AT ALL !!! 

12075076_10153735432073854_8643912967540054028_n(Their first short book, on GFCF diet, even contained several chapters credited to Jacqui despite bending the book’s PR by crediting only Luke as its author on the front cover.) Yet there remains a PR industry, reviving now, who it profits to make him the most feted supposed child author in history. And why do they always determine to do it completely ignoring stepping over and spitting on the cruel child abuse issue of wronged child authors? If it increases their profits to make Luke sound more outstanding by minimising the number of child authors known, by choosing not to help the wronged but to kick us all back into the gutter, then THOSE ARE BLOOD PROFITS FROM OTHER CHILDREN’S BACKS. And all the time, the answer to avoid that is utterly simple. Simply tell the public that we exist.

Simply tell their readers that we exist.


That is what AI has chosen not to do even after I stood outside its conference at Dalmuir near Glasgow on 2 Mar 2015, for 7 hours under bursts of hail and sleet, showing all-comers a placard “Jacqui Jackson events should tell you there are aspie child authors whose chance to write books was destroyed by abusive school homework – I was one.”

As I repeated in my recent contact with AI: my campaign has always acknowledged that Luke should have been allowed to put out an unaided book if he wanted to, it does not dismiss that he would have had the ability to. Raising that question is valuable because it brings him down to a level closer to where the wronged are, instead of on a pedestal. But knowing, from the forum denial, that the question is potentially hurtful to him, I had told AI: “The hurtfulness of pointing out this fact can be avoided and not done if wronged child authors get treated equitably. ” But as long as we are being oppressed and HURT by non-recognition, the campaign for our just cause must be helped and evidenced by citing available facts that help it, and that includes these public facts about the Jacksons. It follows: I’m willing civilly to wipe from this page every mention of Luke not being an unaided child author, as soon as AI puts even a brief, but of fair prominence, mention of wronged child authors onto its site.

Until then, would you want to pay to go to any of AI’s events? Knowing that it has pushed aside rudely a population group of cruelly suffering maltreated wronged kids, with neither the accountability of a stated reason, nor any logical motive?

Maurice Frank
25 May 2016

At Apr 2017: less than a year after posting the above, some of us noticed that Autistic Intelligence has vanished. No explanation to be found of why.
What a conceit by Luke Jackson, on his own blog, calling himself “world renowned” !?!?! Nobody else calls him that.

US Study Reveals GFCF Diet Has No Benefit For Children With Autism

Comment from the Luke Jackson lobby please? and from all who defend the witch-hunting cult group “GFCFKIDSUK” ?

Rochester : NY : USA | Jun 22, 2010

Parents of children with autism who have implemented the popular gluten-free and casein-free diet in the hope that it will help improve the symptoms associated with Autism Spectrum Disorders will now need to re-evaluate, after a tightly controlled study revealed there is absolutely no benefit.

It was previously claimed that the GFCF “Autism Diet”, made popular by Jenny McCarthy whose son is believed to have ‘overcome autism’, improved behaviour, bowel and sleep patterns in children with Autism Spectrum Disorders. However, studies have frequently shown that no improvements are demonstrated and critics of the diet have expressed concern that childen on the diet have inadequate amounts of certain vitamins, calcium, iron and protein.

The study, undertaken by Susan Hyman, M.D., associate professor of Pediatrics at Golisano Children’s Hospital at the University of Rochester Medical Center (URMC), saw controls imposed on different variables, such as behavioural treatments imposed to ensure that any improvements could be credited purely to dietary change. However, although some benefit was seen in a subgroup of children who had gastrointestinal problems, no other benefits were found.

The research was started in 2003, after widespread parent reported benefits. Although the study was on a very small scale, with only 22 participants aged between 2 and 6 years, the findings were marked and significant. Parents, teachers and researchers completed detailed observations and standardized surveys, yet no benefits were observed in terms of behaviour, attention span or sleep patterns when gluten and casein were introduced.

Alarmingly, previous concerns about potential health problems associated with a GFCF diet were confirmed. Hyman said, “This is really just the tip of the iceberg. There are many possible effects of diet including over- and under-nutrition, on behavior in children with ASD that need to be scientifically investigated so families can make informed decisions about the therapies they choose for their children.”

[ The link it came from has gone]

protest outside a Jacqui Jackson talk in Glasgow

I’m going to do a protest with a placard, outside the Strathclyde Hilton Hotel in Bellshill near Glasgow, on March 8. [2006] At 6:45 Jacqui Jackson is doing a talk there about how brilliant her family are, as a follow-up to Magnificent 7, and it will cost £30 a head to attend it. Seems like she is becoming a bit of an expensive celebrity. However, the protest will not prejudge her personally in any way, it is against the events’ organisers. Jacqui herself would even come out of it personally enhanced if she chose to back the protest issue. She has that choice.

The protest will be: that all promotions of them should care to also tell the public that aspie child authors wronged by abusive school homework exist. The placard will be directed at Jacqui personally at the event’s promoters: her agency the Centre For the Development of Autism Practice. It is a snooty self-concerned business that ignores ordinary people and only wants to play the celeb game. What are the grounds for saying that? Simple: it has been ignoring this issue for a long time. How mean-spirited.

I will do the protest alone if necessary! but will have plenty of time between now and then to tell local group friends about it. I have given the police advance notice already, based on not expecting it to turn into a large demo. They were perfectly civil about it and don’t see any problem with it, so that’s officially registered now.

Bellshill is a station where 2 rail services into Glasgow converge: the slow line from Edinburgh via Livingston, and the local line from Lanark via Motherwell. The Strathclyde Hilton is on the west side of the A725 dual carriageway which crosses the railway 1/2 mile west of the station, and it’s another 1/2 mile north of the railway. This A725 also leads from M74 j 5, or from the A8 gap section of the M8 3 miles east of the Baillieston M73 junction.

Maurice Frank
7 Feb 2006
– I have done similar demonstrations done more recently, outside Autistic Intelligence’s conference at Dalmuir on 2 Mar 2015 which also involved Jacqui, and the National Autistic Society’s AGM at York on 21 Nov 2015. 1843100983.isbn – used to be, sadly has stopped working, a link to a very perceptive teenager’s discovery of common phrases that prove Jacqui Jackson a joint writer of the F+G book. The page editor won’t disable the link!

Autism Cymru – Racism in an "autism resolution to be sent to world bodies"

Autism Cymru was the administrator of the recent Awares Online Conference, planned to repeat annually. (NB Dec 5: William Lamar, who was alerted as missing during the conference, is safely home.)

Midway through it, Adam Feinstein circulated an

“autism resolution”,

counting AS as part of autism as these organisations always do, that was going to the European Parliament among other places.

The details that signers were asked for included “Country of origin”. I responded that spectrumites’ issues about sensitivity and metabolism…

…> raise compatibility with environment, that seriously proves it a
> biological crime against a person’s body to force the person into
> association with a different climatic environment than they identify
> Including when a bigot dictates which country he says a person belongs
> and takes pleasure in kicking in the teeth the person’s own expressed
> national identity. Common, and deeply wounding, bigotries, sometimes
> bullying but sometimes just simple-minded, are to take a person’s accent
> or surname or birthplace as a criterion that dictates arbitrarily their
> country. These bigotries are acts of genocide, nations with a history of
> dispersal like the Scots show how, and the spectrumite sensitivities thing
> proves the biological seriousness of the offence.

Hence proving:

that international law is
> obliged to criminalise all birthplace bigotry as an atrocity of ethnic
> persecution.
> So to back this petition – whose objective itself should help me get this
> message across! – I need to know that it is not trying to categorise
> people by the arbitrary location of either their birthplace or their
> childhood. In which case, what exactly is it trying to record by “country
> of origin”? and wouldn’t a signer’s present address be more relevant to a
> petition?
> thank you for your care.

On Oct 28 he answered:

> You raise a good point. Country of residence would have been better
> put.
> Please assume that was what I meant, and apologies for any
> misunderstanding.
> Please let me know if you are happy to be a signatory to the
> resolution.

Yet, when he circulated another email giving out post-conference certificates to the participants after it had ended (Nov 11), and he made another call for support for his resolution, “Country of origin” was still there. He had done nothing to alter it. He had not acted on taking the point. For that, I was obliged in conscience to withdraw from support already given!! Now you think about yours.

It is carelessness towards the public. Now, this is Autism Cymru, right? The national outfit in Wales. This was being done from


Indeed, the Awares conference had a picture of Cardiff on its entrance page.That itself is a place affected by the type of climatic unfairness I was telling him about! Cardiff lies near the head of a long narrow waterway, the Bristol Channel. Its strong tides, the second strongest in the world, and funnelling shape, cause saturated damp in the air, and on the mountainous Welsh side this works together with the rainy climate associated with mountains. In regions along long narrow waterways these effects often have a local trend to cause nasal irritation, catarrhal and cold-like symptoms. “Cardiff Nose”. This frustrates self-discovery by folks who have minority sensitivities against over-dressing, such as shortists.

Knowing about it, I asked Adam to get Autism Cymru to do local awareness raising on it in South Wales. Most importantly, before the present winter, in case there are any spectrumite shortists there who have not discovered themselves because of the local climate. When sensitivities are not catered to, it causes irritation and distraction and impairs performance – so our fellow spectrumites in the Cardiff Nose region, and others like it, the Thames Valley is another, have a biological right not to be left through another winter without awareness raising of this. Awareness raising which will also help the biologically serious civil rights struggle to uphold dress freedom throughout society including in employment and school.

He’s ignored it.

and finally, you will find this one wearily predictable.

Autism Cymru is hosting an International Autism Conference in Cardiff on 8-10 May 2006. Speakers include Jacqui Jackson.. Hence they have been asked to say they will comply with their duty to make participants know that there exist child authors whose chances were destroyed by the crime of abusive school homework, and it would be an act of child cruelty towards present cases not to do it.

The answer that they will do it is still awaited. There is a clear picture of abuse in not having it by now.


It already appeared by 2005 that he-special-uk may be gone, as it no longer shows up in a search of Yahoo groups. Subsequent encounters with the character Fiona at politcal events in Scotland gave strong indications confirming it’s gone.

he-special-uk was a Yahoo group that worked only through email, that is advertised in the book Freaks Geeks and Asperger Syndrome as a support group for home education and school problems. That the book was never been recalled to strike out all reference to it, was an act of public medical deceit and child exploitation that reflects on every organisation that continues to have anything to do with the book.

I belonged to he-special-uk Dec 2002 to March 2003. My first contact with it was to see if its members were interested in backing or using for themselves, a political situation I had just created. The illegal failiure of all child protection authorities covering Coventry to publish by automatic right experiential evidence against the gifted children movement, gives the public a legal claim on the government, on child protection grounds, to have any personal evidence on any bad outcomes in education published by automatic right. I emailed the group moderator about this, without in fact asking to join, and found that I was encouraged to join, the message was posted to all the group members and I got a friendly response.

I had no way of knowing before joining that the membership included Jacqui Jackson. By the way, as adaptor of the Freaks and Geeks book’s content she had the dominant-sounding role in shaping it into a book, which makes it effectively co-written, though Luke has denied that Jacqui was quoted correctly in the Times of 16 Aug 2002 when she painted herself as 12/13 the author. Look it up at a decent reference library anyway, as one source to confirm the picture of co-writing.

Also a member was Isobel Brookfield, of the National Autistic Society’s national council, who had really strong anti-school views similar to mine and wanted to know more about my experiences. She wrote “I am sure the group will be sympathetic” and helped me overcome a technical problem with enabling my receipt of group emails.

This was at a time when I wasn’t yet sure I’m aspie, having not yet learned that the trait of taking all metaphorical expressions word-for-word iterally, which I don’t have, is not essential. The level of understanding in all books on AS until 2002 was that they painted this as an essential trait. But I’m also ADHD, and in terms of he-special being specifically about educational needs, ADHD was mine and justified my membership.

Members often posted abstract messages that were not to do with their own life problems, like poems or an essay from America Isobel posted satirising the nature of schools as like slave camps. I carefully followed and never exceeded the practices of other members in commenting on any issues that are abstract and not to do with people’s problems. Like on uniforms: only after one of them posted a poem that referred to skin sensitivity, did I in reply post about myself lodging with the Scottish parliament on these grounds in 2001 an assertion that uniforms are against international law on minority rights. This posting was very popular and started a good exchange of experiences. At the level of personal problems I had relevant things to say about psychiatry and court cases and parents’ difficulties at retaining permission to home educate, and a Scottish education bill then in its early stages. I seemed to be doing fine in the group and felt supported. Best was when Jacqui agreed that I should “keep persisting” in my legal claims to publish. She had shared with the group, that it had only taken her fame to even start overcoming a perception in her wider family that the Jacksons are just attention seekers. This is the unbalanced thing about a web group with one famous member and several other members belonging to the Jessica Kingsley writing establishment: any opportunity that benefitted them, they are civilly obliged to back all the group’s members’ entitlement to have.

Then, just suddenly – I went to my first meeting of a really friendly local organisation that I have belonged to ever since. At that meeting I learned that the Scottish education bill has a good feature of backing children’s own life choices against their parents’ for them, and I reported this information back to he-special. A member, Fiona, was strongly hostile to this, and was of strong view that you must never perceive parents’ choices critically in the home education movement and never approve of the state getting in the way of parents always being in control. This is not a liberal approach to home education, it is one motivated by control of children: hence it does not fit the reason why folk like Isobel are against school. However, both points of view should have been expressible in he-special. Fiona flamed against me in support of her point, by accusing my posts of being hard to understand and needing to be toned down. It is a fact, not an opinion, that my posts can’t possibly have been hard to understand or else they wouldn’t have got the intelligent lucid replies they did. So I replied that I found the accusation offensive and described how the “I don’t understand” trick is often used to silence things that folk don’t want to hear, so its use is a social wrong that must never be allowed to take root.

The moderator, June, came down on me like a ton of bricks for this, treated it as me flaming Fiona while biasedly ignoring how Fiona had treated me, and sided with Fiona’s position. “She thought she was helping you.” Fiona was the one who had broken the rule, “don’t send to others what you find hateful to receive”, so this was now a situation of group bullying. June started making horrible accusations in offlist emails: that I was usually off topic to the group’s purpose and that my answer to Fiona counted as upsetting everyone by accusing them of not caring about my experiences. No one had said any such things before – later, a member who was just leaving and whose perspective was of parenthood opening her eyes about psychiatry, wrote that hecause parents were the majority in the list I had been “the best representative of the voice of the children.”

So I could smell that June was politically hostile and constructing a way to get rid of me, so over the 2 days of this situation I usually replied to her onlist. I combined apologetic peacemaking overtures to the group for upsetting them in any way, with pointing out the injustices in June’s stance and copying for all members to see the unfair things she had written in private. Are spectrumites supposed to get everything right socially, hmmm? Isobel for one remained quite pleasant and posted a sensible answer to me about the members being “not always in tune with each other”, trying to put a closure on the situation and move on. But June on the same day emailed me claiming to have received offlist representations, and to have been in earnest discussion with the other moderators whoever they were (no evidence that they existed), and that she was expelling me.

Within 3 hours of reading this, I had emailed to every member whose email address I knew, 25 of them including Isobel and Jacqui, a notification that I was adding this experience to the content of my slow legal and political struggles over publishing. The he-special members already knew all about this. I referred to the he-special experience in the council tax appeal I was then making and won uncontested. I told the 25, who include Jacqui and Isobel, I held them responsible to leave he-special themselves and disown it or else they would be liably wronging public health, after he-special had emotionally abused an aspie and buyer of the Freaks and Geeks book to whom it had been advertised as supportive. I emailed the 25 a further 4 times with notices of my fightback’s progress, none of which were ever acknowledged. This includes by Isobel whose posting on the day of the explusion had shown she was not in favour of it, and who had been so nice to me at the beginning and legally informative, she used to work for a lawyer, about the impracticalities of fighting bad school experiences by court.

A couple of he-special members pursued a hate vendetta against me into 2 other groups, one claiming I was “booted out” – how hateful is that? – for not being a parent or home educator, when they always knew I’m not a parent and you didn’t have to be and Jacqui was not then a home educator either. Yahoo advised me to give the police a statement about this, and the police have clearly not done anything so I spoke out about that at the Sep 18 meeting of the Scottish parliament’s public Cross Party Group on ASD and the education minister’s reply led to submitting a legal statement on the experience to the education department, as part of his consultation on how to listen to children when taking needs decisions in education. At this moment it became the fault of the 25 how I had testified about them, and so any further cause to email them ended, there was now an irreparable ethical breach with them that can be followed up in the ASD scene’s contacts with government on implementing the Scottish education bill.

While I was doing this, an outstanding nutcase from he-special, called Beryl, had been working herself up into such a frenzy of hate towards me that she started sending a stream of sexually libellous hate mails to an organisation whose website I have some writing on, in which she accused me of having been expelled from twice as many web groups as she had ever in fact known me in, and mentioned nothing of a group I knew her expelled from. By this time I was a diagnosed aspie, while she was calling me a spuriously self-diagnosed one. My contact knew enough about my experience to know exactly where Beryl’s efforts to harrass her were coming from. Beryl openly and recklessly stated, in this illegal hate campaign, that she was doing it on behalf of Luke Jackson and in admiration of him! Obviously he knew nothing of Beryl’s misconduct, but it must be remarked that to admire a teenager by acting like this in his name constitutes maltreatment.

When the Jacksons were on TV in summer 2003, I wrote recorded delivery to BBC viewer and listener correspondence saying the documentary would be unbalanced unless they publicly exposed my experience, as the bad hidden underside of the Jacksons’ publicity machine. I also consider it child exploitation that the BBC ignored this, and I put this too into the parliamentary process so that it is on record that the BBC violated the workings of the Scottish legislative process by this. The documentary told the country Jacqui is mega university qualified in sociology of conflict resolution! The he-special experience, not told to the country, shows this is a joke. She looked the other way while an aspie was backstabbed.

All this shows Luke Jackson was the front face of a ruthless adult publicity machine and the adults who claim to admire him care nothing for the ideas he expressed on social peace, and don’t follow them in practice. They want to continue behaving in ways that are totally against that and abusing his readers. Mind, he has a responsibility to object to this if his social peace ideas are to be genuine. [[ News 8 July 2004: his renouncing of his former opposition to homework, absurdly just because a sister had a good “processing” experience she could have had identically with work done voluntarily, let down all his admirers. This makes the Jackson literature just fickle and not to be relied on, doesn’t it?]]

The education bill was passed by the Scottish parliament on April 1 (I know, but it was) and it includes the policy on consulting children in decisions, that I and my friendly contact wanted and my persecutors in he-special did not want.

Maurice Frank
13 Apr 2004

[[ News- Aug 2, Daily Telegraph, sourced from Parents Against Injustice “The parents of a child with Asperger’s Syndrome fear adoption after being accused of neglecting him by not sending him to school – they say he can’t cope.” Answer that, disgusting wishful thinkers like Beryl – these are the parents in the front line of oppression who he-special let down. What do you expect happens to these kids’ chance to become child authors? ]]

gfcf kids uk

This Yahoo group is advertised in both the books published under Luke Jackson’s name but described in the Times 16 Aug 02 as more his mother’s creations and under heavy adult control really. This should count as a nice thing to say, because it helps show nothing that happened was blamable on LJ, it is the adults around him who at present should be blamed for wanting to continue to advertise GFCF Kids UK. However, in imminent adulthood he too will have a public responsibility to disown it.

Despite its name it is not a children’s group and it covers GFCF diet knowledge for all ages, the name just comes from the diet being targetted at children, as with the original US based group GFCF Kids.

Accordingly, it was entirely in keeping with the way it was advertised, for any adult who has newly learned about AS to join GFCF Kids UK to see if it helped with learning more about the AS scene and whether the diet was personally relevant or not. I don’t have any serious food problems but there is dairy intolerance in my family and a history of angina and strokes. I chose from older childhood onwards that I felt more comfortable eating less dairy than the addictive quantities my family consumed every day: my grandparents were so militant that butter and full cream milk are both nicer than the alternatives, that I caused surprise by not sharing that perception. This family history should show that though I’m not on GFCF diet, learning more about it was relevant to understanding my medical background.

All I ever did in GFCF Kids UK was post 1 message which was a technical enquiry about how offlist email worked. It appeared to me that perfectly decent friendly answers to this were posted. I had never given any personal or medical information to anyone. Then after only a week of membership, I was banned, and never told any reason why.

This was in Jan 2003, before any of the personal trouble with he-special-uk and consequent hate vendetta had ever happened. Behaviour like this is emotional and medical abuse of the public, perpetrated exploitatively through a child figurehead. I know, it’s a secret how, that Jackson participation in GFCF Kids UK has practically stopped entirely since last summer, but advertising of GFCF Kids UK is not being retracted. The library service in Fife was willing to put in writing its sympathies for this being an unjust experience, admitting an ethical question mark over stocking the Jacksons’ books in its autism collection. Sunderland university however has not answered my notice that it and all GFCF diet promoters and parents will be child harmers unless – they automatically disown GFCF Kids UK and all sources that advertise it and all experiential findings on the diet that it has ever made known. Jessica Kingsley and the major book chains have a public health responsibility too. You are judge of whether they are meeting it.

The justification of using such serious words as “child harm” is proved by a tip off I received from a parent, explaining that intolerant behaviour exists in the GFCF scene and may explain GFCF Kids UK’s behaviour as paranoia to keep all its members under doctrinal control. There are fundamentalists of GFCF diet, who rigidly want children taken off both gluten and casein in every case, not to have the effects of removing each protein tested separately as the Sunderland Protocol advises. I had already seen arguments like this conducted on the Allergy Induced Autism website, and been suspicious, considering the full GFCF diet takes away a whopping great range of sources of nutrition. This parent told me she had a soya allergic child who would be undernourished following the full GFCF diet, so as a responsible parent she had reintroduced casein (dairy), and for this she had been screamed at abusively and called a bad parent, by a fanatic who runs an influential GFCF food shop service.

Folk often selfishly don’t think they should have to disown groups themselves in solidarity with just 1 socially wronged member. This case shows that all who take that view are party to empowering fanatics to put at risk children’s access to adequate food.

Maurice Frank
20 Apr 2004